Monday, February 13, 2012

Kamikaze Karaage

Kamikaze, Crispy chicken, Japanese style! 

As the logo says, Kamikaze Kaarage is a contemporary Japanese fast food specializing in crispy chicken.

I was recommended to try the set menu "Kamikaze Moriawase". Here is how to order the set menu (the bold ones were my choices from the options):

Step 1,  choose the meat:
Tebasaki (Chicken Wings)
Other options: Karaage (boneless), Mixed (Yakiniku and Karaage), Yakiniku.
As I was expecting, the chicken wings were so wonderful tasty, moist and crunchy for the skin. Love eating the chicken wings though it's more nibble than bite, but hey, it's fun! :)

Step 2, choose the sauce:
Teriyaki sauce (original Japanese taste)
Other sauces: - Kaffir lime shoyu (sweet and sour), Kuro Kosho (black pepper), Banzai (sweet spicy), Kamikaze (hot spicy, ).
Kamikaze is claimed as the hottest chili pepper on earth. No wonder when I tried to taste a bit of the Kamikaze sauce, seriously it felt like my tongue was on fire! 

Step 3, choose 2 small sides
Chiizu Korokke (Japanese croquette).
Shishito Tempura (Japanese peppers battered and deep fried).
Other options: Tofu Furai, Tori Fireball, Gyoza, Yasai Itame, Kakitama Soup, Kimuchi Slaw or Kani Corn Salad.

Step 4: 
Gohan: Japanese cooked white rice
Other options: Kimuchi Chahan, Large Fries.

Step 5: Choose a drink.
Cold Ocha - Green Tea (free for refill).
I was quite surprise to see the color of green tea. It's so greeeeeeennnn!!! Usually the green tea in Japanese restaurants that I used to drink, is not as green as in here. The aroma of the green tea is also different, I find it more fragrant but not like the ordinary green tea.

The Kamikaze Moriawase comes in a wooden tray:
Tebasaki Moriawase - Rp. 35.454

By the way, I got the chance to try the new dessert in Kamikaze. It's not available yet, hopefully very soon.

Früitis Kioko
Grape flavor drink with yogurt.

Purin Pudding
Japanese custard pudding. A delicious creamy and smooth texture pudding with caramel sauce.

Mushi Pan
Japanese steamed egg cake with 3 flavors: Green Tea, Chocolate and Hokkaido Milk
For me, the Mushi Pan Chocolate became the winner because the Mushi Pan Green Tea had a flaky texture, then the Mushi Pan Hokkaido Milk had a peculiar flavor.

All prices exclude 10% Government tax.
Current currency: 1 USD = Rp. 9.000

Kmikaze Karaage
Grand Indonesia Level 3A Unit FD1-07
Central Jakarta
Tel: (021) 23581878


  1. I love karaage! Not sure if my tongue could withstand this amount of fieriness though... :P

  2. kenny: Oh dear... I really can't stand the fieriness of Bhut Jolokia chili glazed on the Kamikaze karaage, so hot hot hot... prefer shishito peppers! hahaha...

  3. Hello my darling Selba,

    I popped in to wish you Happy Valentine's day and to let you know that you truly are a special friend.

    Love & Hugs

  4. DoT: Duchess dear... it's so nice to see you again in here! How are you? Hope everything's fine! Happy Valentine's day to you too! *hugs & kisses*

  5. Hi Selba,

    How you capture the food was so great!
    Are you a professional food photographer? ;)

    I put your link on my blog ya :)


  6. okinice: Hi Okinice, thanks a lot for dropping by and putting my link on your blog! :)

    A professional food photographer? Me? Wow, that's really a big compliment!!! I'm still an amateur, need a lot to learn, hehehe...


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