Saturday, August 16, 2014

PAUL Boulangerie et Pâtisserie, Jakarta

It was a shiny beautiful morning when my food blogger friends and I had breakfast at PAUL Bakery in Pacific Place. 

PAUL has a good reputation for the quality and also their pastry chefs are very qualified. But then since they have bakeries in more than 20 countries (there are about 500 PAUL bakery/cafe restaurants around the world) thus their pastry are made frozen for the mass production.

Gaufre Chocolatte - Rp. 45.000
A simple waffle with chocolate sauce. 

Moelleux Choco - Rp. 45.000
It looks that this Moelleux Choco was upside down when it was served. Anyway, this smooth chocolate cake tasted just decent.

Mille Feuille Mangue - Rp. 50.000
Love this puff pastry with mango custard! 

Escargot Aux Raisins - Rp. 22.000
This raisin pastry was good.
Eclair Framboises - Rp. 50.000
A wonderful eclair because of the pretty framboise and not too sweet creamy filling. 

Chausson Pomme + Cappuccino - Rp. 65.000 (package price)
Good flaky pastry with apple filling. I like the sourness of the apple.


Damman Freres tea, Vert Menthe Tea - Rp. 40.000

Overall, it was a nice breakfast at PAUL. The taste of the pastry was quite good but my personal opinion about the pastry and prices here are overrated.

All prices are subjected to tax and service charge.
Current currency: 
1 USD = Rp. 11.715

PAUL Boulangerie et Pâtisserie
Galeries Lafayette, Pacific Place Mall
Jl. Jendral Sudirman Kav. 52- 53,
Phone : 57 99 33 45

Business Hours: 07.00 - 22.00 (Sun to Thu)
07.00 - 24.00 (Fri to Sat)

Disclaimer: The review and opinion expressed here are purely according to my personal taste. There's a possibility that the taste of the food might change later on, which could affect the review and opinion here. I also affirm that no monetary or non-monetary compensation has been received from this restaurant for writing this review.


  1. Tempatnya classy ya, kontras banget kalau dibandingin sama Island Creamery :D

  2. albert: Iya... totally beda, harganya juga beda jauh!!! hehehe..


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