Friday, June 8, 2012

Downtown Bistro Jakarta

Ah.. I was too early... The invitation supposedly at 8 pm but at 5.15 pm, I already arrived at the Downtown Bistro. 

Oh well, I did not have a problem to wait for a long time. I felt comfortable instantly to see the cozy front porch of Downbistro 

As soon as a waitress greeted and brought me inside the Downtown Bistro, I met the friendly owners. My first impression of the decor that came through my mind was a library but I was wrong. I found out later on, the decor of Downtown Bistro is actually American classic that expected to bring back to the 1950's atmosphere with those nostalgic jazz collections playing as the background. Convenient meeting point for business and leisure is the concept of this new 3 weeks old bistro. 

Goodfoodgoodlife showed up not more than 30 minutes later after I arrived. Why he was also too early? Because he thought the invitation was at 6 pm :) Yeah... finally, I was not alone anymore to spend the rest of 2.5 hours until the other food bloggers came along.

After 8 pm, the food was served to each of us.

Breakfast Set Menu
Available from 10 am - 12 pm
 Black coffee or tea from the extensive list, freshly squeezed orange juice included. 

New York Breakfast - Rp. 82.000
Homemade toasted English muffins with bacon and smoked turkey, topped with two perfect poached eggs and served with creamy hollandaise sauce.

Paris Breakfast - Rp. 86.000
I like the French toast drizzled with powder sugar and cinnamon, served with maple syrup, sliced fruits (grapes, melon, watermelon). There are choices of pork or beef for the bacon and sausage.

Below menu is available from 12 pm to 9.30 pm


Wild Mushroom Soup - Rp. 29.000
The creamy mushroom soup served with a touch of white truffle oil is a perfect start for a hungry tummy.

(Served with seasoned french fries and vegetable slaw)

Smoked Turkey Sandwich - Rp. 59.000
Fresh and tangy smoked turkey, chopped lettuce, tomato, red onion, smothered with melted Swiss cheese and cranberry mayonnaise. Every single bite of the sandwich was excellent!

The George Sandwich - Rp. 63.000
Unfortunately, I did not try this seared skillet beef patty, caramelized onion smothered with double cheese melt and homemade sauce.


The George Steak - Rp. 175.000
Flame broiled tenderloin served with mashed potato, glazed with balsamic reduction. The aroma of extra virgin oil was pretty sharp in the mashed potato.

Purple Pig- Rp. 74.000
Slow cooked pork belly served with white bean cassoulet and apple compote was another dish that I did not try.

(Served with toasted parmesan bread)

Escargot Linguine Pesto - Rp. 57.000
Linguine served with lovely pesto sauce, escargots, dry chili, sundried tomato and parmesan cheese. I wish there was no dry chili in it then it would be totally perfect for me.


Crisp Glazed Orange Chicken - Rp. 45.000
Crunchy breaded chicken coated in zesty orange-flavored sauce, served with soft rice and broccoli. As for me, the broccoli was too salty.

(Served with vanilla ice cream)

The George Pie - Rp. 40.000
Luscious granny smith apples baked in flaky crust, drizzled with powdered sugar and caramel sauce. Definitely, I will come again for this heavenly George Pie.

 StickyTofee Date Pudding  - Rp. 35.000
Moist sponge cake made with finely chopped dates, covered with toffee sauce that melted nicely in my mouth.


Espresso & Coffee (Iced or Hot)

Espresso Rp. 15.000
Tasted quite acid for my taste bud. 

Caffe Latte - Rp. 27.000


DK 80 - Rp. 85.000
Triple Sec, Amaretto Liqueur, Crème de Cassis, lime juice, Syrup de Gomme, Lime Wedges. I adore the idea of using Amaretto Liqueur in this cocktail.

Creme Brulee - Rp. 85.000
Absolut Blue, Peach Syrup, Peach Liqueur.

Prices are Subject to 21% Government Tax and Services.
Current currency: 1 USD = Rp. 9.400

Thank you so much for the delectable food and warm hospitality, Downtown Bistro!

Note: The above food portions are only for the purpose of this food tasting event.

Downtown Bistro
The Landmark Central Ground Floor
Jl. Jendral Sudirman No. 1
Jakarta 12190
Phone: 5296.0064

Opening Hours:
Mon - Fri: 7 am to 11 pm
Last order. 9.30 pm
Sat - Sun will be opened starting 23 June 2012 onward.


  1. Everything looks fantastic Selba! Really great photos! :)
    That breakfast plates can easily become my breakfast,lunch, and dinner hahaha

  2. irene: thanks for the compliment of the photos, Irene :) The breakfast set menu is really a big portion as American size.

  3. glek selba, makanan nya bikin ngiler semua >.< mau kesana ah kapan2 :D

  4. urukyu: Makanannya enak, boleh dicoba :)

    1. ngiler~ too bad weekend ini blom buka, padahal rencananya weekend ini mo kesana :(

    2. anakjajan: Sabaarrr yah... mulai tgl 23 Juni, mereka udah buka kok untuk weekend ;)


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