Friday, June 8, 2012

Fonterra Pastry & Cooking Challenge 2012

Yesterday, Jenzcorner and I attented the "Fonterra Pastry & Cooking Challenge 2012" press conference at Borobudur Hotel. It was held by PT. Fonterra Brands Indonesia - a multi national company, owns and markets high quality dairy products from New Zealand that provide health and natural dairy nutrition of life (Anlene, Anmum, Anchor Boneeto, Chesdale)

The objective of this competition is to develop and improve Indonesia's culinary industry standards and also to provide a place for the chef in the country to develop their skills and talents to be ready to compete in the international level. Besides, the winners from each category will get a chance to represent Indonesia in international competitions Singapore Food and Hotel Asia 2014 and entitled to a cash prize of USD 1,000.

There were 25 local Indonesian chefs (pastry, bakery and cooking chefs) representing their hotels, restaurants or bakery shops that competed in the Fonterra Pastry & Cooking Challenge. 

The press conference with the media.
From left to right: Chef David Warren - Advisory Chef Fonterra Asia and the Middle East; Chef Manfred Kohlen - Senior Advisory Chef Fonterra Middle East Asia; Denny Herdian Ardiwinata, National Trade Marketing Manager Fonterra Foodservices; Agustin Muara, Director Fonterra Foodservice; Master Chef Jean Francois Arnaud, Pastry Master Chef MOF

After the press conference, we were allowed to see the competition. Although we were not given the chance to try the food but it was interesting to see how the chefs prepared their food.

Along with the professional judges, there were mystery judges too (local, non-expert but have food passion) in order to judge from the customer taste.

The winners:
 Pastry category : 
 1. Chef Sudar Pramoto, Hotel Borobudur, Jakarta 

Chef Sudar Pramoto prepared his cakes.

 2. Chef Ertina Pudji Rahayu, Grand Hyatt Hotel, Jakarta 

 3. Chef I Ketut Candranata, Retreat & Spa Bali 

Cooking category: 
 1. Chef Agustono, Pullman Central Park Hotel, Jakarta 

 2. Chef Wayan Juni Ardhana, Nikko Hotel Bali 
 3. Chef Beno Wicaksana, Bvlgari Hotel Bali 

 1. Chef Imron Rasidi, Hotel Borobudur, Jakarta 
 2. Chef Nano, Cizz Cake Bandung 
 3. Chef Eva Yoga Swara, Four Seasons Hotel, Jakarta


  1. Dear Selby,

    Thank you for posting this.

    Could I have your permission to share it over our FB and Twitter?

    Chef Agustono has won the competition, therefore, I would like to distribute this information as well.

    Looking forward to hearing from you.

    Thank you.

    Rita Elisabeth
    E-Distribution Manager
    Pullman Jakarta Central Park

  2. rita: Hi Rita, it will be my pleasure if you want to share this post on Pullman's FB and twitter. Congratulations to Chef Agustono and Pullman Jakarta Central Park for winning the cooking category competition :)


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