Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Tanauan City Market, Philippines

During my stay in the Philippines, I had a chance to visit the wet market in Tanuan City, Batangas. The wet market is just the same like the wet market in Jakarta.

Here are some pictures that I managed to capture in the wet market.

Alamang (wet shrimp paste)

Tuyo and Tinapa (Dried/salted fish)

Biko (brown rice cake)

 Sapin - sapin (layered rice cake)

Puto (steamed rice cake)

Banana Cue (Fried banana), Kamote Cue (sweet potato),  
Toron (Filipino Lumpia)

If you are thirsty... you can try Gulaman (gelatin drinks)

Kikiam (Squid balls)

Kare - kare (Philippine stew)

Bread and cake shop

Philippines Mango, 
tasted like Indonesian Mangga Golek.

Corn (white and yellow)

Kwek - kwek (Quail eggs) and Fish balls

Isaw (Intestine skewer)

Weight scale. 
Same as Indonesian, it's also called "Timbangan" in the Tagalog.

It's tasted like "Manggis" (Mangosteen) but more sour.

I wonder why the Yakult is being sold not cold.


A full tricycle.


  1. Wow, so many of these things are similar to foods I've seen in Korea. (Though not the exotic fruits.)

    Can tourists eat the fresh fruits and prepared foods at the wet market? Or is it better to stay way if you're not used to the native flora and fauna (and water!!)?

    1. mica: The food in the Philippines is also very similar with the food in Indonesia :)

      Yes, tourists can eat the fresh fruit and the prepared food at the wet market. I went to the wet market with my friends (a Canadian and a Swedish). Both of them, tried some of the food from the market and had no problem at all though some people warned to be a bit careful with the street food.

  2. love visiting markets looks like a great one would love to try the rice cakes

    1. rebecca subbiah: I also love visiting markets :) It's always interesting to see different stuff.

  3. Actually the fruit that you hold they called here in Phils as Santol, but in Indonesia we called as Kecapi, not Manggis. :)

  4. potret diriku: Ah... yes... you are right!!! Santol is Kecapi :) I asked my mom and searched in the internet. Well, I've never eaten or seen Kecapi. According to my mom, Kecapi is hardly to find these days and only available in the suburb of Jakarta and Bogor.


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