Friday, September 26, 2008

Sugar Dolls

Last year, I was really into making sugar dolls by using fondant.

Let's see the step by step on how to make the sugar doll.

It's quite easy to make it as long as you have passion and got the right tools :)


Monday, September 15, 2008

Snack in Bandung

Sek Ba alias ่‚‰ ้ชจ
(Pork's innard and blood with tofu and salty veggie - sayur asin)

Ambo-kueh - called also Ngoh Hiang
(fried glutinous rice, sausage, tofu, pork's ear, brown egg, cucumber)
Rp. 10.000

Cireng = Aci digoreng (fried starch) filled with spicy peanut.

Rp. 750 per piece

Liang Tea with cincau/xian cao (ไป™่‰)
Lumpia Basah ala Bandung - Rp. 16.000

Tahu Gejrot (stinky tofu) from Cirebon

Kue Bolu Ketan Item (Black glutinous rice cake) - Rp. 32.500

Tuesday, September 9, 2008


Hello...... And welcome to Selby's Food Corner blog!

"Selamat Datang di Selby's Food Corner blog!"

Selba aka Selby is just an ordinary girl who loves food and lives in Jakarta, Indonesia.

She really enjoys taking pictures of food, especially on the streets although it can be quite challenging for her because some food vendors might not really cooperate. Some people/strangers might not feel secure with being captured; or her friends are annoyed because she is too busy snapping pictures of food.

A part of food blogging, she also has chances to meet some celebrity Chefs.

From left to right:
Selby with Chef Bobby Chinn (World Cafe Asia)
She contributed information and also showed around the food locations in Jakarta for the "World Cafe Asia" aired on Discovery Travel & Living.

Selby with Chef Laurent Bernard (Chocolatier)
She was invited to experience the creations made of Belgian Chocolate personally by Chef Laurent Bernard, a renowned chocolatier with more than 20 years of experience.

Selby with Chef Alvin Leung (The Maverick Chef - Li TV)
She participated in the filming of Food Show "The Maverick Chef", her role was to taste and give feedbacks on Chef Alvin Leung's deconstruction food for the Jakarta episode.

Selby with Isabella and Sofia Bliss (Junior MasterChef Australia 2010)

Selby was interviewed by Trans7 TV.

Selby with Chef William Wongso - the famous culinary expert in Indonesia.

Selby with Chef Bara Pattiradjawane.

Selby's baking and cooking class experiences:

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Gado-gado Cemara

Last week, an ex-colleague celebrated her birthday here. The gado-gado sauce is made from chasew nut.
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