Friday, August 7, 2020

Pesto - Basil Leaves

One of my favorite pasta sauces is Pesto. I just love the aroma from the Basil leaves mixed with fresh garlic. It's so difficult for me to find fresh Basil leaves here in Jakarta and since the Covid-19 pandemic, I cannot visit any restaurants serving pasta with Pesto sauce. Thus, at the end, I decided to find Basil seeds, so I could plant it by myself. 

So, about a month ago, I bought Basil seeds at an online shop in East Java. I was so excited and directly plant the Basil seeds in a small pot on my roof garden.

The Basil plants.

Age: about 1.5 week.

Age: about 2.5 weeks

Age: about 3.5 weeks.

The color of the leaves is not as dark as the usual Basil leaves that I know. I have no idea why it is so light, but anyway, the aroma of the Basil leaves is like the normal Basil leaves. I'm just so happy that finally, I can have fresh Basil leaves from my garden and make my own Pesto sauce. Yay! 
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