Monday, July 29, 2013

The Food at the Camp in Mississippi, USA

Last Saturday evening, after 30 hours long-journey from America to Indonesia, finally I'm back!

Right now, I'm feeling very exhausted because of the trip and also I've been sick since a week ago. Supposedly today, I already must get back to work but I really need a rest. My boss called me this afternoon and asked me to come to work tomorrow because there is a lot of things that need to be done. Yeah.... that's for sure :(

Anyway, below are the pictures of the food during my 28 days camp in Mississippi, USA.

The first day breakfast: 
Krispy kreme, yogurt, juice/milk.

The first lunch:
Ham & cheese with bun, fries, pears.

The first dinner:
Green beans and shrimp Grits.

B'fast: Grits, biscuit, sausages, strawberry, yogurt.

Olive garden salad & bread sticks, Bww boneless wings,carrots.

B'fast: bread, yogurt, banana, milk

Lunch: Jelly sandwich, chips, grapes, lemonade.

Jambalaya, bread, corn, salad, chocolate chip cookies, milk

B'fast: banana and oats 'n honey, juice/milk.

Grilled cheese sandwich, chips, carrots, cookie, koolaid.

Dinner: Hamburger, baked beans, fruit, salad, milk

B'fast: Yogurt, bread/jam, banana, milk/juice.

Lunch: Mac&cheese w/ham, bread, green beans, apple.

Dinner: Cheese pizza, raw veggies/dressing, pudding, milk.

Lunch: Hotdogs w/buns, chips, watermelon, soda.

During the 4th of July, we had dinner at a lodge.

Grilled chicken, baked beans with meat, corn/cob.

A cupcake for dessert.

B'fast: Yogurt, Lefser (Norwegian bread), banana, milk.

Lunch: Grilled cheese sandwich, oranges, snack bar.

hamburger w/ buns, cantaloupe, sweet potato cassarole, milk.

B'fast: Cereal, bread, coffee.

Lunch: Corndogs,  mac&cheese, peas, apple.

Dinner: Canes chicken, sauce, corn, rice, coleslaw. 

B'fast in the hallway because we couldn't use the Cafeteria.

B'fast: Yogurt, coffee, bread.

Lunch: Newks sandwich, salad, brownies, fruits.

Dinner: Shrimp salad, crackers, tomato, oranges, jello.

B'fast: Sausage biscuit, cereal, bread n cheese, apple juice.

Lunch: Papa roni pizza, fries, steamed carrots, apple sauce.

Dinner: Sweden salad, red beans & rice, bread.

B'fast: Grits, sausage biscuit, yogurt, milk.

Lunch bag:
Ham-cheese sandwich, chips, cookies, orange, apple juice.

Dinner: Chicken bread.

B'fast: sausage biscuit, cereal, apple juice.

Lunch: lasagna, salad, olive, bread, apple juice.

Nachos grande, corn, pear, banana, milk, apple juice.

sausage biscuit, cereal, oatmeal, banana, apple juice.

cheese sandwich, fries, green beans, cookie, apple juice.

salad, pizza, apple juice.

Spaghetti & tomato sauce, bread, salad, pineapple, apple juice.

oatmeal with raisin & brown sugar, chocolate milk, apple juice.

Lunch: hamburger, fries, veggie, pears.

Dinner: baked beans w/ rice.

B'fast: biscuit n jam, yogurt, banana, milk.

chicken nuggets, baked beans, fries, cookie, apple.

Dinner: salad, shrimp pasta carbonara, apple juice.

B'fast: oatmeal, biscuit, yogurt, banana, chocolate milk.

Lunch: hotdogs, fries, baked beans, cookie.

Nachos grande, refried beans, 

B'fast: bread cheese, yogurt, banana.

Lunch: hamburger, fries, corn, pineapple, watermelon

bread, salad, roast beef w/ gravy n carrot, grapes, brownies.

Bfast: cereal, bread n cheese, biscuit, apple juice.

Lunch: nachos, fries, green beans, oranges.

B'fast: oatmeal, biscuit, yogurt, bread n cheese, apple juice.

scrambled egg, rice n roast beef, veggie, jello, corn n bread

Thai fried rice, fried chicken, coleslaw, mashed potato w/ gravy.

B'fast: cereal, yogurt, chocolate milk.

Lunch: Taco, raw veggie, strawberry.

Look how big the strawberries! Very fresh and sweet.

B'fast: oranges, yogurt, orange juice.

Lunch: fried chicken, baked beans, thai fried noodle.

Dinner: white bean, meatballs, coleslaw/salad, bread.

B'fast: sausage biscuit, cheese, oranges, yogurt, apple juice.

Lunch: turkey-chesse w/bun, fries, carrots, pears.

Last dinner: Newks sides, salad, chocolate milk.

Last b'fast: sausage, cheese toast, yogurt, oranges juice.

Last lunch: chicken burger, fries, cookies, oranges.

The line to get the food.

 The Cafeteria.

After done eating, we also need to wash the dishes.
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