Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Sushi Mori Jakarta

Do you like to eat fusion sushi? If the answer is yes, then you can give a try Sushi Mori :)

Sushi Mori is a contemporary Japanese cuisines and unique creations of rolls. There are also wide varieties of sushi sashimi, exotic fusion rolls and modern Japanese cuisines. First established in Surabaya in 2007 then opened the second restaurant in Jakarta.

Last Friday night, Sushi Mori and invited some food bloggers to taste the best-selling menu items at Sushi Mori, Central Park mall.

First, we were served Edamame and Ocha.

Edamame - Green Soy Beans

Ocha (Green tea) - Rp. 10.000

Then followed by
Mazeru Salad - Rp. 50.000
chuka hotate, chuka iidako, chuka wakame, chuka kurage

Fujiyama Roll - Rp. 60.000
Smoked salmon, crab stick, scallop

Before we continued with the other items of the menu. The sushi chef gave a demo on how to make Snow Crab Narudo Roll. 

Snow Crab Narudo Roll - Rp. 58.000
Crab stick, avocado, tobikko
Very refreshing. It's perfect as an appetizer.

After the sushi demo, there's a competition of creating sushi for 3 food bloggers. JenzCorner, AnakJajan and I volunteered for the competition. Guess who won it? It's JenzCorner. Congrats, Jen!

Here are our creations :)

And this is my sushi creation.
I named it as "Hana" which means flower in Japanese :)

As soon as the winner of the competition being announced, we went back to our tables and enjoyed all the food being served.

Sashimi Platter - Rp. 98.000
Salmon, tuna, mackerel, scallop, squid, crab stick

Volcano Roll - Rp. 50.000
jelly fish, shrimp, crunchy

Sake Enoki - Rp. 55.000
Enoki mushroom circled by salmon

Yoki Sake - Rp. 48.000
baked salmon and crab stick

Tori Katsu Teriyaki - Rp. 30.000
Fried chicken Teriyaki

Tobikko & Equail Egg Sushi - Rp. 30.000
Flying fish roe with raw egg

Matcha Ice Cream - Rp. 12.000

At the end of the food tasting event at Sushi Mori, we were served cold sake. Everyone raised their glass and said "Cheers...!!!" All the success to Sushi Mori and thank you for inviting me :)


Prices subject to 10% government tax and 5% service charge
Current currency: 1 USD = Rp. 9.400
Sushi Mori
Central Park Mall
Lower Ground 115
Jl. S. Parman Kav. 28
West Jakarta
Tel: 56985255

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Hot Hot Heat Pasta

I had a delicious lunch from Heat Pasta today!

How do I know about Heat Pasta? The truth, I didn't know about Heat Pasta until I received an email from them. They informed me that they have just begun their business starting on 1 May 2012 by delivering food directly from their kitchen to the customers right after receiving the orders. As a pasta lover, it's hard for me to resist the offer from Heat Pasta to try their pasta ;)

The Heat Pasta menu is pasta with a few type of sauces and potato platters. 

Spiral Cuts - Rp. 15.000 
150gr of deep fried spiral potatoes.

Spicy Wedges - Rp. 15.000 
150 gr of Big cuts potatoes that have been spiced with Heat Pasta's secret seasoning. It's a bit spicy and nicely crispy.

Creamy Bolognese Fries - Rp. 30.000 
Extra Cheese Cream: Rp. 5.000
200gr of Straight Cuts potatoes that doused with special bolognese sauce mix with beans and homemade cheese cream. Love it! :)

Tuna Spaghetti - Rp. 35.000
Extra tuna: Rp. 10.000
100gr of Spaghetti cooked with slices of tuna, mix with garlic, onion, olive oil, and pieces of cayenne pepper. Perfect for those spicy lovers and also who like to eat Tuna.

Penne Carbonara - Rp. 38.000
With Whole Wheat Penne: Rp. 48.000
Extra Smoked Beef / Mushroom / Cream: Rp. 8.000
A mixture of egg, fresh milk, cream, parmesan cheese, fried mushroom, slices of smoked beef cooked with 70gr of Penne Rigatoni. A tribute from Heat Pasta to Carbonari, a group of Italian charcoal burner.

Creamy Mushroom Fettucine - Rp. 38.000
with Spinach Fettucine - Rp. 48.000
Extra Smoked Beef / Mushroom / Cream: Rp. 8.000
100gr of Fettucine mix with cream, olive oil, slices of onion, chopped garlic, mushroom and sprinkled with parsley and basil. It's creamy and well made.

Penne Pesto - Rp. 38.000 
with Whole Penne: Rp. 48.000 
If Heat Pasta claimed their pesto as their best sauce then I totally agree! The green, fresh and tasty sauce made from crushed garlic, basil, parmesan, and blended with olive oil mixed with 70gr Penne is absolutely delicious.

Current currency: 1 USD = Rp. 9.300

Hot Hot HEAT Pasta

Order time: 10 am - 6 pm

For payment:
accept Cash and Bank Transfer Method using BCA and BNI.

For order
Tel: 021-9595HEAT(4328)
BlackBerry PIN : 20DBB0C6

Friday, May 25, 2012

Fish & Co. - EX Jakarta - Seafood in a Pan

Tonight, I was invited by Fish & Co. and Groupon (known as DisDus) for blogger gathering at EX.

Fish & Co. was established since 1998 in Singapore and so far, there have already 11 branches in Jakarta and Surabaya from 2003. This year, there will 2 more branches open in Jakarta and Bali.

Fish & Co. has been known as the pioneer of Western seafood and served the seafood in a pan. The inspiration drawn from the simple practices of South African fisherman; who caught seafood fresh from the seas and cooked them immediately in the pan. The goal is to provide customers all food in a unique Mediterranean style - in a pan! 

The restaurant is designed casual and relaxing dining with warm ambience, created by the use of vivid tones of orange, yellow and blue colors.

Non - smoking area

Smoking area

The kitchen

We had the chance to try the famous starter, main course, sweet baits and drink:

Starter Platter - Rp. 99.000
Nachos, fried calamari, fish nuggets and prawn fritters served with spicy mango vinaigrette, tar-tar sauce and tomato salsa. 

Singapore Fish & Chips - Rp. 79.000
Fish & chips with homemade chili crab sauce. 

 Japanese Fish  & Chips - Rp. 79.000
Fish & chips stuffed with furikake and mozzarella cheese for a crunchy twist, and served with soba sauce.

Danish Fish & Chips - Rp. 79.000
Fish & chips with stringy mozzarella and spice in that lightly battered fish and topped with lemon butter sauce.

New York Fish & Chips - Rp. 79.000
Classic all-time favourite fish and chips with generous parmesan cheese stuffing, topped with lemon butter sauce.

Seafood Platter for 2 - Rp. 235.000
An award-winning platter is great for sharing. Platter of seasonal fish, calamari, black tiger prawns and mussels in creamy garlic and lemon butter sauce

Hot Fudge Chocolate Cake - Rp. 35.000

Panna Cotta - Rp. 35.000
Lovely eggless custard with raspberry sauce.

Ice Bomber - Rp. 35.000
Ice cream cake

Jungle Freeze - Rp. 39.000
a refreshing thirst quencher with pineapples, rambutans and other tropic fruits.

All prices subjected to 10% PB1 and 7.5% service charge
Current currency: 1 USD = Rp. 9.350

Fish & Co. seafood in a pan
EX-Plaza Indonesia
1st Fl. No. 40
Jl. M.H. Thamrin Kav. 28-30
Jakarta Pusat
Tel: 391 7429
Opening hours:
Sun - Thu 11 am - 12 am
Fri - Sat and Public Holiday: 11 am - 1 am

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Krispy Kreme Spider-Man Doughnut

"The Amazing Spider-Man" movie based on the Marvel Comic Book will open in the theaters everywhere in 3D on 3 July 2012.

Krispy Kreme is working together with Columbia Pictures (association with Marvel Entertainment) to welcome the movie.

There are two types of doughnut:

Spider-Man Doughnut
Inspired by the Spider-Man 4 mask. The topping is strawberry chocolate with strawberry jam filling.

The Spider
Inspired by the spider image. Chocolate topping, sprinkle with sugar powder and for the filling is chocolate mint.

The Spider-Man doughnut edition is available from 1 June to 31 July 2012. For the merchandise, there will be Spider-Man bag limited edition design with Krispy Kreme logo for minimum purchase of 2 dozen doughnuts at all Krispy Kreme stores around the world.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Liberica Coffee

Liberica Coffee House is a nice cozy place for having a cup of coffee, brewed from coffee beans that planted in Indonesia known as Liberian coffee or coffea liberica. 

Interested to understand more Liberica coffee? Here's the information that I gathered. The Liberian coffee beans originally found in Liberia - West Africa then brought to Indonesia during the late 19th century to replace the Arabica trees killed by the coffee rust disease. The Liberian coffee trees are also grown in Malaysia and the Philippines. Even though, most of the coffee beans in these 3 countries come from the Liberica plants but only 1% of Liberica coffee are traded in the coffee trading around the world.

The Liberian coffee beans can be harvested all year long. The berries' size is the largest compared to the other coffee species and has harder skin. It takes more time to process and that might be the reason why it has strong aroma and flavor.

According to an expert, Liberica coffee has a pungent and strong aroma of nuts, cedar and hickory. The after taste is like dark chocolate flavor.

The Liberica's coffee arts.

Hmmm... not sure what the Barista was trying to create. The left one kinda looks like an elephant with  two trunks and the right looks like a heart shape with a smiley face.

Classic Hazelnut Latte (Regular size) - Rp. 36.000 

Crème Brûlée - Rp. 39.000

Liberica coffee in take away cups.

Current currency:
1 USD = Rp. 9.200
Liberica Coffee

Pacific Place, 4th Fl.
Jl. Jend. Sudirman 
Kav. 52-53

Jakarta 12190
Tel: 62-21- 57973375
Business hour: Mon - Sun, 10 am - 10 pm
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