Saturday, January 16, 2021

Tukang Kue Pancong (Bandros)

Before the Working From Home was implemented because of the Covid-19 pandemic, I usually would see this Tukang Kue Pancong with his cart on the street every morning on the way to my working place. He started to make and sell the kue Pancong from 6.00 am until the latest 10.00 am. Most of the time, at 9.30 am, he would stop to make it because the batter already gone.

Kue Pancong (some people also known it as Bandros) is an Indonesian traditional snack from West Java that is made of  rice flour and coconut milk.

The special mold pan to make the Kue Pancong.

The very simple ingredients which are only rice flour, coconut, water and salt.

Besides the special mold pan, it also needs a special hook.

This is how the tukang kue pancong used the hook.

Drizzle with some sugar on the top of warm Kue Pancong. 
It tasted yummy!
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