Saturday, April 8, 2006

Simple B'fast

Early in the morning, mom’s friend brought the famous steamed brownies from Bandung (the capital of West Java).

Did I say steamed? A funny way to make brownies.

Kukus means steamed.

Can you see the word “Halal” at the right corner of the box?
A piece of the brownies with a cup of hot BOH tea,
so perfect for my b’fast.
Yum... yum... yummy....


  1. You like BOH tea??? Heheheee... it's one of favourite tea and my friends' choice in Europe. They dislike Lipton. I always said BOH got the "Uuuuummpph!" Each time I back in EU i had to bring several Kilos of BOH teas :-) You can find it in Jakarta?

  2. Yes, I like BOH tea. I usually got it from my Malaysian colleagues. Not so sure whether I can find it in Jakarta, haven’t checked it out yet.

    BOH got the "Uuuuummpph!" ??? Hahaha.. That’s a cute description for tea :D

  3. Those brownies are yum and so perfect with tea or coffee. I miss JKT and I miss you. :(


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