Saturday, May 27, 2006


Raki is the national liquor from Turkey. It contains 45% alcohol and 1,5 anise per liter. Ah.... anise.... no wonder I like it very much.

To drink raki, you need to mix it with water (1:3 - raki:water). It tasted really good!!!


  1. Ahhh my favourite drink! (No wonders lol)

    Raki and mezes... Can make my day for a week lol

  2. bal: I was so impressed with Raki, hehehe... Too bad, I can't find any Raki here in Jakarta. What is the most popular brand for Raki?

  3. As you said, this is the most popular alcholic beverage in Turkey, but I think it's too strong for me. "Yeni Raki" brand seems to be pretty popular.

  4. MTC: Ah.. so "Yeni Raki" is the popular brand. Someday, I will try it, thanks for the info :)


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