Friday, June 9, 2006


Martabak (Murtabak) is an Indian Muslim (Mamak) dish commonly found in Malaysia and Singapore. It is made from a thin dough filled with minced meat, usually mutton, and fried on a griddle until it turns golden brown. The fillings also include garlic and onion. Murtabak is served with slices of cucumber and onion, and a bowl of curry sauce. (source: wikipedia)

There are 2 kinds of Martabak in Indonesia:
1. Martabak Telor (similiar to the Mamak's one except the meat usually is beef and we don't eat it with curry sauce, instead the dressing is sour sweet sauce made by vinegar and brown sugar)
2. Martabak Manis (Sweet Thick Crepes/thick pancakes - often filled with cheese, chocolate, or ground peanuts).


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