Saturday, August 12, 2006


I cooked Petai for lunch. Petai is believed good for kidneys. Just a little info, I had my first petai about 5 years ago because for 20 years, cooking & eating petai in our house was prohibited by my dad. He coulnd't stand at all the smell of petai.

There are 2 famous ways in Indonesia to cook petai:

1. Petai with chilli and chicken's liver and neck
2. Fried petai with scrambled egg and kecap manis (sweet soya beans sauce).

Just take a look how easy to cook the 2nd way.

- Petai
- onion, garlic
- red chilli
- kecap manis (sweet soya beans sauce)
- salt
- scrambled eggs
don't forget a little bit of oil to fried all the ingredients.

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