Monday, December 25, 2006


A few months ago, I've promised to Pink Cotton that I'll blog about Emping which is an Indonesian chip/snack. For you who have never tried emping before, you will find the first taste might be a little bit bitter but after you eat some of it, you just couldn't stop to eat it :)

Emping is made from MALINJO, BLINJO, or BELINJO (Gnetum ganemon) nut.

Making emping:

Heat melinjo with sand
then flatten with crusher
dry in the sun
Fry the crackers and...
put them in a bag for sale :)

The sweet and hot emping is good for snacks and for the plain emping it would be delicious to be served on some food like Soto or Gado-gado.


  1. hehhehee... i'm a sucker for this emping. When I visited Indonesian restaurants in Europe, that's my demand. They usually serve prawn kroepoek which it's boring for me.Some restaurants even have the guts not to serve it in their menus. The staffs usually took by surprise when I asked for it. They would asked me where I'm from LOL. I think they brought out the emping from their personal use just for me :-D Of course, I have to pay for it :-P

  2. You like emping? Woohooo…. Not everyone likes it because of the bitter taste but yes, once you like it then you can be addicted to it, hehehe…

    Is emping expensive at the Indonesian restaurant in Europe?


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