Thursday, July 12, 2007

Terong Belanda

This morning, I made Terong Belanda juice for my b’fast. It’s really yummy. Just only need to add ice cubes and sugar then blended together with the Terong Belanda.

Terong Belanda (it means: Dutch Eggplant) is actually Tamarillo (Tree tomato) which is native to Peru, Chille, Ecuador and Bolivia. I’m not so sure whether this kind of fruit is also well known in Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, or Japan. Let me know, ok…

updated: 7.10 pm

I believe most of you will be wondering how does this Terong Belanda tasted. I've never eaten the fruit directly and frankly speaking, I just know about this fruit last month when I had lunch in a Padang restaurant (a West Sumatra cuisine).

So, how does it taste?

1. When you drink the juice, you'll feel like drinking strawberry juice but different aroma/flavor.
2. The fruit smells like tomato mixed with strong papaya.
3. It has seed like pomegranate (but the seed is a bit softer so you can swallow it).
4. Some people love to mix the Terong Belanda juice together with pineapple or apple or passion fruit.


  1. I used Tamarillos in Tamarillo Chutney :-) but i love the juice/syrup each time my sis went to Medan or Jakarta on assignment from her company. I prefer Terong Belanda than Markisa. IT'sdifficult to find in Malaysia but when it's in season, you can only find in supermarkets... :-(

  2. In Padang restaurant, they like to mix terong belanda together with markisa :)

    It's actually also not really easy to find terong belanda in Jakarta, only certain places sell it.

    As I understand, terong belanda is a seasonal fruit ;)


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