Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Japanese Breakfast

Seriously.... I LOVE Japanese food!!!


  1. That ramen makes me sooooooooo hungry :D

    Once I went to some Japanese restaurant with my cousin in the Sunway mall in KL, I specifically told the waiter I want vegetarian noodles since am vegetarian. He passed up ramen with so much cabbage and onion in it, was horrible, but the noodles by itself tasted awesome. I liked their Miso soup though, and even the tofu was'nt too bad. O how I miss Indo and Malaysia! So want to go back....

  2. Ramen is yummy but I prefer Udon coz of the noodle's texture :)

    Oh no... your ramen was only served with cabbage and onion? Well, at least it tasted awesome. Hehehe..

    When are you coming back to Malaysia and Indonesia? Maybe we can go and try yummy food together :)

    I think, Malaysia has more variation for vegetarian food compared to Indonesia.

  3. That would be great, I would love to go out and get yummy food with you. I have relatives in Jakarta, I don't know when I will ever visit again...

    They make very good vegetarian Indonesian in my aunt's house in Jakarta, you have to come home and try it, its a real treat. Actually, if I ever come there I would tell my aunt to cook curry for you, she makes amazing curry. :)

    Talking to you I suddenly have a craving for mertabak, the one with chocolate sauce and peanuts in it. mmmm

    Selba your blog is great, always makes me hungry for good Indo food which gets me kinda happy. hehehehe

  4. Curry is definitely yummy! I heard that there are more than 200 kind of curry cooking in India.

    I've been watching in discovery travel & living re: India, so interesting especially the food. I would love to try it someday. I was actually planning last year to visit India with my friend but at the end, I cancelled it because of the very expensive fee trip.

    The sweet martabak is delicious. I like it but I try to limit it because of the high calories, hehehe....


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