Sunday, November 2, 2008

Authentic restaurants

Yesterday, I went together with a producer, a director and 2 production house's staff of a food program from Discovery Travel & Living channel to check out some authentic restaurants in Jakarta.

Kedai Tiga Nyonya

Lara Djongrang
jakarta 29 copy

Kembang Goela


  1. Why I am not there at this moment. The food is too good to look at. Wanna taste it. **salivating**

  2. R they serving all authentic Indonesian food? How abt Kedai Tiga Nyonya?

  3. They all seem like nice places, I like the look of the second restaurant.

  4. photocrazy: Hahaha... Well, you should come back again to Jakarta...

    food for tots: Yes, they are serving authentic Indonesian food but then actually, the food in these restaurants can be found also on the street, cheaper and tasted better :)

    laveena: Oh.. the lara djongrang restaurant? You can feel a very different atmosphere in that restaurant, a lot of expatriates love it.

  5. Oh I want all of that food, it looks delicious, especially the crispy things and fried things!

  6. olivia: there are so many kind of food in Indonesia that are being fried :)


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