Monday, September 28, 2009

Peaches and "vla" on a Vanilla Cake

When Natasha - 5 Star Foodie mentioned that she is hosting a "makeover" for Peaches and Cream a week ago, it got my attention and I would love to participate but then there's a hesitation because it's not easy to find fresh peaches. Anyway, I was glad when Natasha said it's ok to use canned peaches so... this is what I baked in order to participate the Peaches and Cream.


FYI, I didn't use cream for the base of the peaches on the top of the cake because I'm trying to avoid cream intake, instead I changed the cream with vla (trans: Vla is a Dutch word for cornstarch pudding - custard, the word "vla" is commonly use here in Indonesia).

Vanilla Cake
100 gr butter
8 egg yolks
65 gr sugar
30 gr flour
20 gr maizena (corn starch)
1/2 tsp vanilla powder

- In a bowl beat the butter until smooth
- In another bowl beat egg yolks and sugar until creamy
- Add flour and maizena, mix it until well blended
- Slowly pour the batter into the bowl of butter - mix it slowly
- Pour it to a round pan (diameter of 30 cm)
- Bake in the oven, temperature of 180 C for 20 minutes
- Remove from the pan, leave it to cool

For the toppings:
1. Vla

350 ml milk
75 gr sugar
25 gr maizena - corn starch
1/4 tsp salt
1 egg yolk - beaten
1/2 tbsp butter
1 tbsp rum

- Boil milk, sugar, maizena and salt together in a saucepan - mix it slowly
- When it's boiled, add the beaten egg yolk - mix it smoothly
- Take the saucepan from the heat, add butter - mix it
- Let it cool, then add the rum - mix it well

2. A can of peaches (I used Del Monte)
3. The glaze
I used one sachet of instant glaze called "Tortenguss" from Belbake - follow the sachet instruction. (Note: you can replace the glaze with jelly).
Vanilla cakes with peaches and vla:
- Spread the vla on the vanilla cake
- Put the peaches on the vla
- Pour the glaze on the peaches cake
- Chill it for about 25 to 30 minutes before serving


  1. Oh I love peaches, this looks fab.

  2. Your peach cakes looks delicious

  3. What exactly is Vla? Never heard of it before. The cake looks luscious btw. :)

  4. LFB: Vla is Dutch word for cornstarch pudding or custard :) Ah.. I should add it in my post, thanks!

  5. Selby, that is a gorgeous cake!!

  6. Selby, this looks beautiful. Natasha's 5 Star Foodie blog's challenge sounds like fun. She always features such incredible food.

    I'm not familiar with the vanilla powder that you used in the cake. I wonder if we can get it in the US? It sounds interesting.

  7. Selby, the fruit cake looks heavenly! "Tortenguss rot" are used very often here in Germany, much easier...well, they still need to be heated up.
    Angie's Recipes

  8. I love the idea of a pudding instead of cream, excellent! The cake looks just gorgeous! Thank you so much for participating!

  9. palidor: thank you, Palidor :)

    MCK: Vanilla powder is more commonly being use here in Indonesia than the vanilla liquid essence :) My mom usually buys vanilla powder made in China, so probably you can find vanilla powder in China town, good luck!

    AR: thanks, Angie :) Actually the tortenguss was brought by my mom's second cousin from Germany, I'm not even sure whether it's available here in Indonesia :D

    5SF: So glad to be able to participate, Natasha :)

  10. Mmm, a custard base sounds way more appealing than cream!

  11. mica: and also healthier, ya? hehehe...

  12. this looks really good.. I love the new header,Selby!

  13. This is so pretty and looks delicious! I love how you used cornstarch pudding to replace the cream and make it healthier!

  14. How beautiful! Apple jelly works great for I want cake...

  15. Selba, this looks simply wonderful. It will be hard to get vanilla powder here but I'm going to try to find it. I really love the way this looks. I hope you are having a wonderful day.

  16. Selba, this is the most scrumptious looking thing on your blog to date! It looks amazing and sinceit's made with canned peaches it can me made year round- score!

  17. That looks so yummy Selba. I have some canned peaches that need to be used up- a great idea.

  18. peachkins: thank you for your compliments, Peachkins :)

    chef e: thanks :) Oh.. apple jelly? must give it a try someday!

    mary: thank you, Mary :) If you can find vanilla powder that would be great. Vanilla powder is very useful and beside the advantage is it can be added to warm liquids and the vanilla flavor will not evaporate as it does with extracts.

    monica: Wow! thank you so much for your kind compliments, Monica :) You really makes my day! Let me know when you try it!

    lori: thanks, Lori :) Happy baking!

  19. wow....8 egg yolks..that's sound really heavy ya!!!

  20. SG: pssstttt.. you know what? the real recipe is actually 10 egg yolks but I reduce it to 8, hehehe... But then this is nothing compared to our kue lapis which used more than 30 egg yolks for 1 cake! LOL

  21. Looks great! Beautiful picture. The blog looks great too. love the new look!

  22. Yum, yum, yum! Looks absolutely delicious!

  23. wah baked yourself? looks good lei~

  24. Hey, I like your new look for your blog!! waw!!

    We also say vla in Belgium!! This is one yummie dessert!!!

  25. Darling, this sounds easy, I can make this. By the way, I love your blog header.

    Love & Hugs

  26. i am sure you will get your clothes mess up when you take a bite on the "too much peaches topped vanilla cake" lol.

  27. FwLT: thank you.. thank you.. :)

    glo: thanks, Glo :)

    taufulou: yes :) thanks!

    nic: thanks, Nic :)

  28. mimid3vils: hehehe... :)

    sophie: thank you, Sophie :) Some part in Belgium, they do speak Dutch, right?

    DoT: Hope you will make this cake! Glad that you love my new header :)

    foodbin: Hahahaha..... eat with a fork!

  29. Gorgeous dessert Selba. It looks simply heavenly. I was wondering, do you think it's possible to make vanilla powder by grinding a vanilla bean. I'm asking because, I always have a stock of vanilla sugar on hand by storing the bean in the sugar. I don't see why I shouldn't be able to grind it, hmmm...

    P.S. Love the new blog look. It really reflects your style:) When you get a chance, stop by, I'm having a party!!!

  30. louise: thanks for your compliments, Louise :) As far as I understand, some vanilla powder are produced by grinding whole dried vanilla beans until powdery and some are made from a concentrated vanilla extract (depend on the manufacture) so I guess you can make your own vanilla powder by grinding a vanilla bean :)

  31. I'm drooling looking at your beautiful cake..... What a nice header! Just wonder how will our Selba look like if she dresses like this Oriental girl? Hehehe!

  32. I love the looks of your looks so good and I bet it was...

  33. This is delicious! I'm not up to the standard to make such cake yet. :(

  34. I love cakes, any cakes! Yours look incredibly delicious! By the way, how are you doing? Hope you're well. That is the most disasterous earthquake ever.

  35. FFT: Your words are too kind! :)

    marybeth: Yes, it's yummy :)

    LI: Hehehe.... just give it a try ;)

    buzzingbee: Hahaha... no lah, still practicing...

    MLS: Thanks :) Yeah, the earthquake in Sumatra is so scary! Luckily, Java island didn't got affected, about 1 month ago, West Java including Jakarta got earthquake, it was also quite scary.

  36. Glad to knw tht you are not affected by the earthquake!
    My..u sure can bake ;)

  37. TNG: Yes, thank God but it's very heart broken to see all the earthquake victims.
    Thanks, Becky! :)

  38. Your vanilla and peach cake looks amazing! How I wish I could have a slice right now ;)

    Btw, I've heard about the earthquake in Indonesia. I hope everything's fine for you. Take care Selba. *hugs*

  39. angele: thank you for your compliments on my cake :) I would love to share it if I can reach you! Thanks for your wishes *hugs*

  40. Beautiful cake, and the cornstarch pudding sounds delicious!

  41. lisa: thank you for your compliments, Lisa :)

    momgateway: thank you :)


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