Monday, October 5, 2009

Little buns and a big thank you

You all might have noticed that my food blog has a new look :)

I owe a big thank you to these 3 wonderful food bloggers who had helped me to make this new look happened.

It started all when LK - Food4-Tots, suggested me to change my header because my old header didn't represent my blog at all (remember the cherry's header?). At the end, it's not only the suggestion of header but also for arranging my side bar to look more neat and also the heading menu. Yes, LK has been very supportive in order to make my blog looks better. Thank you so much for being so supportive, LK! :)

As for the layout format size, Nic- Black Tie, White Lie, had helped me. Thank you for your help, Nic! :)

Now, the one who designed my header blog... Beside of being a food blogger, fusion cook and also a cat lover, he is actually a real designer! Some of you probably can guess it already ;) Yup, it's Criz Lai - Criz Bon Appetite! He was willingly to design the lovely header for me just an overnight although he is very busy at the moment. Thanks a lot, Criz! It's very kind of you to design it specially for me! I really love the new header!

My mom loves to bake bread. Almost every week, my mom bakes bread. She really loves to bake bread. 2 days ago, she got a recipe from her friend to make little buns and tried it out.

Little Buns
900gr high protein flour
100gr low protein flour
240gr sugar
20gr salt
200gr butter
125gr powder milk (full cream)
30gr instant yeast
5 gr bread improver
4 egg yolks
100gr cold milk
320gr cold water
15gr emulsifier

Directions :
- Mix all - the flour with sugar, milk powder, bread improver, emulsifier, egg yolks in a large bowl
- Add cold milk, salt, butter, stir it until a dough form
- Pour cold water
- Knead the dough until smooth and elastic
- Let the dough "rest" for 15 minutes
- Shape the dough into ball size (about 15 gr)
- Let the dough "sit" again for 10 minutes
- Add filling like chocolate, cheese (optional)
- Let the dough "stay" at a warm temperature for about 50 - 60 minutes
- Brush the dough balls with egg
- Bake in the oven 180 Celsius for about 30 minutes (or until golden brown)
- Transfer to a wire rack and serve warm if possible :)

- my mom tried not to use the emulsifier and only depend the dough raise on the instant yeast; it didn't work out at all thus she had to add the emulsifier.
- you might notice that the buns are not shining because they were not brushed with egg.
- you can add filling if you wish into the dough balls (my mom added chocolate stick)


  1. Wow! The new header is very eye-catching and beautiful.

    A glass of milk with these small buns would be a right breakfast for me.
    Angie's Recipes

  2. I noticed your page and header and thought it was great. Well done guys!

    Well done Selba's mum, the buns sound nice and chocolate stick ... mmmm

  3. I absolutely love your new header! It looks awesome! : )

  4. Yum, the buns look good, and they sound great with the chocolate inside!

  5. Yes, it looks more lovely now! :)

  6. Your new header is very cool! And the little buns look yummy!

  7. COOL!!
    So nice of Criz (he's alws a sweetie, isnt he??) and Nic ;)
    Not met LK before but i might go to Sg this comin week so I hope to meet up with her ;)

    Your mum loves to bake bread??? My my..then i can ask u when i need advice on baking bread cos I lovvveeeee bread so much!!

  8. Your new layout looks fantastic! It's so nice how food bloggers (and bloggers in general) come together to help each other out. The buns look tasty too.

  9. love the new header! these little bun look good..

  10. The buns look so good to eat.
    Wonder which website can I get the new template?

  11. AR: Thanks! Love to eat buns or cinnamon rolls with a glass of cold milk too :)

    DA: Thank you.. thank you... never can't resist buns with chocolate :)

    LLF: thank you, Lesley :)

    mica: thanks, Mica! Yes! Chocolate is the best for bread! :)

    cariso: thank you, Cariso :)

  12. You're new look is fabulous. How wonderful to have such talented friends.

  13. 5SF: Thank you.. thank you for your kind compliments :)

    TNG: Hehehehe.. 3 of them are very kind and sweet ;) Hope that you will be able to meet LK when you are in SG.
    I know you are a bread lover ;)

    palidor: thanks, Palidor! The great things in blogging world, we help each other :)

    peachkins: thank you for your compliments :)

    anncoo: thanks! Oh.. template? I think there're a lot of sites that provide free templates :)

    MCK: Thank you, Sam! Yes, it's so wonderful indeed to have talented friends :)

  14. I do like the look of your banner and site! One day I will get a new savvy look like yours!

  15. I love the new look of your blog! What an adorable way to say thank you!

  16. i like your layout, maybe I should change mine.

  17. Id love some of those scrumptious buns with jelly and butter, yum!

  18. chef e: thank you, Chef E :)

    faith: thanks, Faith :)

    tailim: thank you, Tailim :)

    doggybloggy: thanks!!! :)

    donna: yum.... love the idea with jelly and butter! :)

  19. Hey... thanks for the compliment. Anyway, your mum did make some cool rolls there. :)

  20. totally digging your new header!
    and those little buns got my tummy growling :(

  21. it does look great and what a wonderful way to say thank you.

  22. Waa think maybe I can oso get some help from such talented bloggers? Mine looks sooooo boring & unkempt .. err.. actually like it's owner. =P

  23. I love the changes you've made to the blog. I also love your buns. Have a wonderful evening.

  24. nice header lei...abit of chineseindo feel. surely represents your food well..:D

  25. congratulations on your new look, it is lovely, as are the little cute buns your mum baked =)

  26. CL: Thanks to you! Still got 2 buns left, you want? ;)

    muffinsareuglycupcakes: Hahaha.... thanks! ;)

    FwLT: Thanks for you kind words :)

    kerstin: thank you, Kerstin :)

  27. tummythoz: Hahaha... No lah.. I don't think your blog is boring at all... :)

    mary: Thanks for you compliments, Mary. Have a nice Tuesday :)

    taufulou: Hehehe... yup, definitely.. and not only the food but me ;)

  28. noobcook: thank you for you kind words :)

  29. Yeah that header really is pretty rocking. I like how it ties everything together.

    Congrats on the new look, and here's to a buntastic celebration :)

  30. adam: Hehehe.. thanks, Adam :)

  31. wow, thanks so much for the dedication, selba!!! actually, i didn't do much, really. hehe. you should reward yourself for the hardwork that you've put in! :) here's to better things in the future! :)

  32. nic: Without your help, my blog's new look wouldn't be the same, Nic ;) Thank you!

  33. Cantik blog-mu.... Tambah mantap :-)

  34. Tuty: Makacih buat pujiannya :)

  35. it great teamwork-how i wish our politicians could emulate them.

  36. I love your new layout very much! Very neat and the header's beautiful! :) So sweet of you to make buns for them :)

  37. foodbin: Hehehe... yeah, don't we all wish it?

    C~L: thank you for your compliments :)

  38. Hahaha! What a great surprise to find my name here! Dun mention it. It's your own efforts that make things possible. Next time, I will know who to consult for my bread making problems. ;)

  39. What a beautiful new look! You're so lucky to have all these blogger buddies to help you in this. Cheers.

  40. You look so "purty"

    My kids could never say their mother is a bread maker. Lucky you to have such fine blogging pals and a bun baking mom:)

  41. It looks nice. I love the colors and design.

    I have so many ideas for my blog and wish I knew how to carry them out.


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