Monday, November 9, 2009

Mie Kocok Bandung

Mie Kocok Bandung is one of the famous dishes from Bandung. Well, I'm not so sure why this noodle dish is named Mie Kocok Bandung, since it means "shake noodle from Bandung", is it because the noodle is being shake in the hot water before it's put into the bowl? Argh... I totally forgot to ask the vendor about it...

You can see the beef meatballs (bakso) on the top row then there are bean sprout in the black plastic, noodle and vermicelli.

Kikil (it's a part of the cow's foot that tasted rubbery)

The preparation to make Mie Kocok Bandung:
1. shake the noodle in the hot water.
2. put it into the bowl.
3. add chopped chinese celery, fried shallot, salt, white pepper, (usually the vendor will add also the MSG).
4. drizzle some sweet soy sauce.
5. add some kikil.
6. add a few of beef meatballs and also tofu with meatball.
7. pour the beef broth.



  1. This looks really yummy; very filling and delicious!

  2. this looks really special! :) is it only with soup or do they have the dried version as well? ;)

  3. its cool how you got so many mobile stalls serving noodles n etc in indonesia..

  4. those kikil looks like tendons.

  5. wah! the tofu meatball looks gigantic there!!

  6. Now this is what I need now that I have a cold.

  7. lynda: You are so right! :)

    CL: No, there's no dry version at all and what makes it wonderful of this dish, it's the broth ;)

    joe: Yeah.. lucky us to have so many kind of noodle vendors on the street :)

    foodbin: I'm not so sure the term for kikil in English actually... you might be right though :)

    TNG: It's actually a standard size of tofu meatball, hehehe...

    peachkins: Oh.. you are having a cold? Yeah, a hot bowl of this noodle will be perfect for you :)

  8. Mee Bandung I've heard of, but mee kocok bandung I've not. But it does look yummy especially with all the toppings onto of the noodle.

  9. "Shake noodles", hm? That sounds interesting. I've never heard of Kikil!

  10. jo: Oh.. where did you hear about it? Have you tried it? Is it the same as this one? Hehehe.. now I'm wondering ;)

    mica: hehehe.. yup, literally it means shake noodles. If you like things that are chewy, you gonna love kikil ;)

  11. Yummy bowl of noodles, perfect with meatballs too!

  12. This sounds interesting, now I'm curious as to why it's called shake noodle! :)

  13. I always love the street food you share with us. As you know I adore noodles in all guises and these dishes all look wonderful to me.

  14. i think i've tried this when i was in bali...or was it batam. argggh, cant remember. but one thing's for sure. yummy! :)

  15. We need to get more healthy food like that over here.

  16. I love these food carts. The soup looks very filling and healthy.

  17. 3 ht: It is indeed :)

    5 SF: you are so right! :)

    faith: next time, I'll definitely ask why it's called shake noodles :)

    mary: thanks, Mary :) Noodles are yummy!

    LI: kikil is the foot of animal (if not mistaken, it's tendon in english) :)

  18. nic: Nice to know that you've tried it before :)

    DA: it's healthy as long as without the MSG :)

    heather: hehehe... cute name, ya?

    FwLT: yes, and also perfect for cold weather :)

  19. worldwindows: full of surprises? oh.. in what term?

  20. Man...them noodles look good! I am a sucker for all things noodle ;)

  21. KA: It is indeed :)

    UL: *hi5* me too! :D

  22. Looks and sounds like a warm, welcoming, comforting dish!

  23. donna: yes, it is indeed especially in a cold weather like in Bandung :)

    MLS: everyone can actually make it ;)

  24. Selby, are the beef balls actually white? They look more like fish balls than beef... CMIIW

    They look so delicious.

  25. tuty: No... the beef balls were more "grey" than they looked in the pictures, I think it's because of the "lighting" effect, as you can see the beef balls in the 2nd pic where they were still on the rack :)


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