Thursday, March 18, 2010

Warung Jawa Timur (East Java small restaurant)

I'm a bit confused on how to translate the meaning of "Warung" because it can represent to a little shop, a small outdoor restaurant, a cafe, or a stall/booth and usually it's a business place owned by a family.

Thus, I translate "Warung Jawa Timur" as East Java small restaurant since it's a small restaurant that provides East Java food and owned by a family :)

This small restaurant is my mom and her best friend's favorite place. They usually eat here for breakfast in the weekend, after they go to the famous Indonesian biggest cut-flowers market in Rawa Belong area in West Jakarta.

Ready food to serve.

This is the ingredients of Pecel which is similiar to Gado-gado and Lotek (Indonesian salad with peanut sauce dressing), it consists of beansprouts, morning glory and long beans.
Pecel is served on top of rice (Indonesian word for rice is nasi) that's why it's called as Nasi Pecel :)Beside the pecel, below are the other food assortment in this small restaurant:

Telur Balado
(Hard boiled eggs being deep fried then simmered in a sauce made from red chili, tomatoes, and garlic)
Tahu goreng
(Tofu being battered and deep fried)

Tempe Goreng (fried soybean cake) and
Bakwan Goreng
(Vegetable fritters)Tahu Bacem
(sweet marinated tofu)
(Roasted grated coconut)
(The authentic rendang is beef cooked with coconut milk and red chili plus other spices, but this rendang isn't cook with coconut milk, I guess this is the East Java style of rendang).
(Fried cow's lung)

Ikan Pesmol
(Fried fish with turmeric, candle nut, red chili and bird eye's chili)
(Sweet marinated fried beef)
Ayam Goreng
(Fried chicken)


  1. You did a wonderful job translating, Selba. I adore that you give generous servings of interpretation with your lovely dishes. The images are amazing too. If not for you Selba, I would be oblivious. You are a fine blog teacher:)

    Thank you so much for sharing...

  2. there's something charming about little eateries like this. the tempeh and hard boiled eggs look yummy :)

  3. Selba,
    I miss eating at the Warung. Thank your for bringing sweet memories. The tahu goreng and bacem are making me really hungry.

    Tuty @Scentofspice

  4. i remember pecel.. it's yummie! great shots;)

  5. Mmm everything looks so good!

  6. the telur belado looks interesting..

  7. Nothing like a good plate of nasi pecel at the local warung. And nothing beats recommendations from local friends on which is the best warung to head to, hehe.

  8. Great eats here, some very unique dishes! I would love to try Pecel!

  9. Ah....nasi pecel used to be my daily lunch. It reminds me very much of our nasi campur except that the dishes are different. Give me some sambal and i'm a happy man! I like Indonesian ayam goreng as well because it is fried as a whole, without much batter. Nice original taste.

  10. Nasi Pecel? Why is it that this names sounds very unfamiliar? I learn something new again. Thanks.

  11. The sweet marinated fried beef is really new to me.

  12. I love all the variety! I think I'd have a hard time picking and not eating EVERYTHING. (Except maybe cow's lung--the texture looks a little weird.)

    I love the big basket of rice!

  13. looks good... i find it informative as i'm going to java this june. i should take note of what i can eat and what i should avoid for being a vegetarian :))

  14. 真是好文呀~~給你拍拍手再加分!!!........................................

  15. hot rice + cold pecel? Quite weird combination =.="

  16. This is really a tempting feast; very local...and the fish, really tantalizing! =)

  17. Selba darling I can probably eat a full plate OfTahu Goreng right now, it sounds and looks delicious.

    Love & Hugs

  18. Yup, those are familiar indonesian dishes that we malaysians get to enjoy as well, love'em. Food really knows no border.

  19. hmmm...where is the address? thanks in advance

  20. irwan: hi, thanks for stopping by my blog. I'm not so sure about the address of this restaurant but it's very close to Jalan Batu Sari - Kemanggisan, Jakarta Barat.

  21. how you make the tahu goreng ?

    1. elyssa: Deep the tofu in batter then fry it in very hot oil :)

  22. thank you for your visit at our small resraurant

  23. If you ever visit Jakarta, this stall is a must try. My favorite is the Fried Cow's Lung. It is very tasty and comes in a huge serving.


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