Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Es Kacang (Beans Ice)

The weather has been so hot lately.... So, this afternoon, I can't resist a bowl of Es Kacang (beans ice) which is pretty nice to cool a bit the mouth and throat :)

Red beans (kacang merah)
Mug beans (kacang ijo)
Fermented tapioca (tape)
Black leaf jelly (cincau hitam)

Put all in a small bowl
Add vanilla syrup and coconut milk.

Shave ice

Drizzle some rose syrup and condense milk on the top
Mix it altogether... and it's ready :)


  1. Selby, you're so right - this is gorgeous. I can almost feel it in my mouth. Great photos.

  2. my carolina kitchen: thanks for the compliment, Sam :) Have a nice week ahead!

  3. Ais kacang! Yea, good to take in a super hot weather like now.

  4. What a unique refreshing treat! I would love to try this on a warm spring day like today!

  5. It's extremely hot in my place too. Your Es kacang reminds me of my hometown. Feeling homesick now. :(

  6. we here as you knew it
    ABC = Air Batu Campur.....

    Chinese Fujian/Hokkien called :
    Ang Tau Ping or Peng
    Ang is red/merah
    Tau is nut/kacang
    Ping/peng is ice/air batu and Indonesia said Es

    I think you know where the name came from


  7. My favourite...perfect for hot weather. We eat a lot of this when we go back for holidays. Thanks for sharing. MaryMoh at http://www.keeplearningkeepsmiling.com

  8. little inbox: agreed! :D

    5 star foodie: you can try to make it, it's very easy ;)

    peachkins: hehehe.. absolutely!

    food for tots: oops... sorry to make you homesick with this post.

    pisang goreng: Hahaha.. I didn't know ABC stands for air batu campur, I know only ABC stands for American Born Chinese :D
    Good to know the hokkien terms for this es kacang, thanks!

    mary: Hi Mary, thanks for stopping by my blog :) Es kacang is a wonderful treat especially on a hot day.

  9. Oh wow, your version of this dessert has so much more exotic ingredients. Ours pale in comparison. Love the idea of putting tape into it.

    But have u tried durian es kacang?

  10. qwazymonkey: durian es kacang? whoaaa... that sounds very yummy one! Here, there's only es kacang or es duriang, no mix of them.

  11. ooh! i am going to post about this REAL soon too~ :)hehe

  12. cumi & ciki: can't wait for the REAL one ;P

  13. Nothing like ice/ais/es kacang to cool one down during a hot summer day... :)

  14. life for beginners: yes.. yes.. yes... so true! :)

  15. we have ice kachang here too! your bowl looks so refreshing. I can have a bowl everyday to combat the heat here hehe

  16. I've never had beans in my dessert but I love shaved ice. The pink color is so pretty too!

  17. Yum! This sounds like a Korean dessert (pat bing su) that everyone is always telling me to try.

  18. It is similar to the ice kacang in Penang minus the unique toppings.

  19. monica h: Oh.. you gotta try it someday, it's yummy especially on a hot day ;)

    jason wong: I would love to try the Penang ice kacang version :)

  20. yummyyy... :)
    where did you have this ?

    btw... I just sent u an email :D

  21. healthyrainbow: I had this in Tomang area, not so sure about the address though.
    Got your email, thanks! :)

  22. I ate lots of shaved ice when I was still a kid...miss it.
    Fermented tapioca sounds quite interesting.

  23. angie's recipes: Kids never can't resist shaved iced, even the elderly ;)
    Fermented tapioca is nice and also good for the skin.

  24. mica: Pat Bing Su? It sounds cute.. I would love to try it someday :)

  25. Sure looks good especially with the green beans too.

  26. ck lam: yes, it added more to the taste :)


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