Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Caipirinha & Batida de Coco (Brazilian cocktails)

On the Leaders' Night Out, my Brazilian friend made the famous Brazilian cocktail "Caipirinha" and also the alcoholic drink specially for ladies called "Batida de Coco".

Caipirinha is made from Cachaca (distilled alcohol beverage from fermented sugarcane), lime and sugar. It tasted almost like Mojito, both used lime and sugar. The difference is that Mojito is made from white rum, soda water and mint.



1 liter Cachaca
10 limes
500 sugar
Crushed ice/ ice cubes
Cut the limes
Use a muddler or small pestle to muddle the limes, add sugar
then add crushed ice, pour the Cachaca and mix it (or use a cocktail shaker).

Batida de Coco
is also known as Ladies' Coconut drink.
it's delicious... tasted rich, a bit creamy and sweet.

Ingredients of Batida de Coco:
250 ml vodka
200 ml coconut milk
395 gram condensed milk

Combine all the ingredients, then stir well.


  1. I like Mojito so I definitely gonna like the Caipirinha too, looks so refreshing :)

  2. I had to smile when just having the chance to catch up on your blog I find a post about Brazilian drinks. We haven't had either of these since moving back from Brazil last October. The batidas were so good, but only in small quantities for me because that condensed milk is sweet! :) My favorite was the passion fruit version.

  3. I've never had this, but our neighbor had an au pair from Brazil who knew how to make it!

  4. foodbin: Yes, very easy!

    noobcook: I think it is refreshing because of the lime :)

    lori: The passion fruit version of Batidas? Wow... I must try it someday!

    mica: Hope that you'll be able to give it a try ;)

  5. awesome! so this is what u got up to in the US of A huh?! LOL, now ur making me thirsty! lemme go make a drink for cumi and meself! LOL

  6. These drinks look so refreshing! Why is it called "Ladies Coconut Drink"? Is it mean for ladies only? Can men drink?

  7. cumi & ciki: Making a drink sounds great! hehehe..

    FFT: As I understand, mostly women drink this cocktail (though no prohibition for men to drink it, hehehe), probably because it tasted pretty sweet.


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