Friday, June 24, 2011

A nice friendship and a taste of Indian food

5 years ago, a girl from Mumbai, India found my blog. After being a silent reader for awhile, she started to put comments anonymously. Until a couple years later, she decided to write me an email and since then, the friendship between her and me began. Her name is Laveena and her passion of fashion can be found in her blog called Fashion Inquisitive.

A week ago, Laveena told me that she's coming to Jakarta for her vacation. I'm so happy that we're finally meeting in person, after so many years we have been keeping in touch by emails, text messages and phone calls. So, yesterday I was invited to her relative's place where she is staying. I had a chance to try Indian vegetarian dishes cooked by her auntie and also the Indian sweets and snack that she brought from India.

Aloo Tikkis (Potato Fritters with coriander)

Sindhi Curry with Lauki squash
(tomatoes, methi seeds, cumin seeds, chili, salt, etc,)

Bhindi Fry (Fried Okra)

It's Indian sweets called Singar Ka Mithai
(flour, milk, sugar, pistachio, ghee, etc.)
Laveena bought it at "Tharu's Mukhi Bhandar" - the best place for sweets among the Sindhis in Mumbai.

Tea Time
Ginger Chai (tea, ginger, milk)
Mathi (savory Indian crackers with fenugreek/methi)

It's so nice meeting you, Laveena! And thank you to your auntie for cooking the lovely Indian vegetarian dishes :)


  1. Wow! you lucky girls! and yes, I remember when I was in New Delhi, the sweet shops are phenomenal! Every shape and size - you name it, they've got it. Was bad for the sweethtooth in me;)

  2. cumi&ciki: Sounds so interesting about the sweet shops in India :)

  3. Oh wow, how nice it is to try out real homemade Indian food in Indo. It's a rarity I never had back home. Looks nicely done!

  4. Pfx: Same with me, I hardly eat any Indian food except roti canai/prata :)

  5. That's what I love about blogging. I have made so many wonderful friends from all over the world. I am so looking forward to me them in person someday. I have met some local ones in person and we had some much to share. How nice that you and Laveena finally meet:D. Both my hubby and I love Indian food.

  6. quay po cooks: Hi there, welcome to my blog :) Yes, I totally agreed, one of the best part of blogging is to have wonderful friends from all over the world!

  7. wow! I wish I could also meet a blogger friend form a different country someday!

    peachkins @ The Peach Kitchen

  8. peachkins: Hopefully, you'll be able to meet them, or we could meet someday ;)


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