Friday, September 9, 2011

Starbucks VIA Ready Brew

Starbucks Indonesia will launch the VIA Ready Brew product on September 13, 2011 in their stores in Indonesia. Before the launching of it, some of food bloggers in Jakarta were invited to have the Starbucks VIA Taste Experience at the new store located in Cideng - Central Jakarta.
Starbucks VIA Ready Brew is a transformational instant coffee that replicates the body and flavor of Starbucks coffee in an instant form. It took 20 years for Starbucks Coffee to develop this premium instant and microground coffee - 100% natural roasted Arabica coffee, highest quality coffee beans and made without preservatives.

The product is pre-portioned into single-serve packets, Starbucks VIA Ready Brew is sold in packs of three (Rp. 25.000) or twelve (Rp. 88.000). Available in two flavors: Colombia Medium tasted smooth and has nutty flavor, and Italian Roasts Extra Bold tasted rich plus roasty sweet flavor.

Starbucks VIA Ready Brew is made by adding hot water to a cup, which brews the coffee in an instant.

Starbucks Indonesia also launched new cookies and cake, categorized as a "grab and go" food, very suitable to drink with the VIA Ready Brew.

Hollander Cake - Rp. 20.000
Almond butter tart with raspberry jam filling.

Mile cookies - Rp. 19.500
2 sticks of butter cookies layered with caramel sauce and almond nut on the top.

Bond Cookies - Rp. 19.500
Simple cinnamon cookies filled with chocolate and raspberry jam in the middle.

Toffee Cake - Rp. 14.500
Vanilla & Caramel cake with streusel topping.
I didn't go home empty handed.... A goodie bag of a cute teddy bear, a mug with a coaster and 4 VIA ready brew packets. Thank you, Starbucks Indonesia!
Starbucks Cideng
Jl. Tanah Abang II No. 76
Jakarta Pusat 10160

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  1. The first review I read on Starbucks VIA. I hope they taste as good as everyone expected. I'm more inclined to try the cakes though. Every single one of them looks tasty. Although the packaging could be more appealing.

  2. Wow, this is definitely great news for coffee addicts (like me) teehee...Thanks for sharing such a great news with us, Selba =)

    By the way, I am listing your blog on mine, I hope you don't mind...cheers!

  3. ruby: I tried the VIA without adding sugar nor milk, it's pretty good plus has a full-bodied taste, not some instant coffee that tasted flat.
    About the packaging of the cookies/cake, it supposed to be the same as the Hollander cake :)

    ravioli: Give it a try for the VIA, Ravioli ;) Thanks for listing my blog in yours!


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