Thursday, January 19, 2012

Yee Shang at Collage Pullman Jakarta Central Park

Chinese New Year is just around the corner. The most important tradition of Chinese New Year celebration is family gather to have annual reunion dinner. Yee Shang also known as Yusheng is a dish being served during the Chinese New Year's dinner especially among the Cantonese and Teowchew etnics. Yee Shang is considered as a symbol of prosperity, abundance and good health.

When I received an invitation from Pullman Jakarta Central Park hotel for a Yee Shang tossing, I was so excited and contented. Why? Because it would be my first experience of Yee Shang since I hardly celebrate Chinese New Year.

Sauces and condiments:
Above right: cracker, salmon and scallop
Bottom right: oil, plum sauce, red pickle ginger, lime

The shredded ingredients:
White = white radish 
Orange = carrot
Broken white = pomelo
Green = watermelon
Dark red = coloring cucumber
Yellow = peach

The step by step and the saying for tossing the Yee Shang::

Put the Yee Shang in the middle of the table  - "Prosperity Yee Shang."
1. Squeeze the lime on top of the fish - "May you & your family be blessed with harmony and joy."
2. Put the spices on the top of the fish then stir - "May you have wishful thinking and smooth as silk."
3. Put the fish on top of the Yee Shang - "May your fortune continue to pur in the year after year."
4. Pour oil on top of the Yee Shang - "May your wealth continue to increase time after time."
5. Pour plum sauce of the Yee Shang - "May peace and happiness surround you always."
    Put the Crackers of the Yee Shang - "May your life filled with all the goodness."
6. Pu the ginger in the midle top of the Yee Shang - "May luck be by your side forever."

then follow with standing up and mixing the Yee Shang all together.

Tossing the Yee Shang.
Toss the Yee Shang high. It's believed the higher you toss it, the higher your prosperity you will gain :)

It tasted unique and I quite like it although it's actually very sweet for my taste-bud. Nice texture of the mixed crunchiness, softness and a bit chewiness.. 
Currency rate: 1 USD = Rp. 9.100

The Yee Shang platter is Rp. 128.000++/platter

For Chinese New Year brunch, it starts from Rp. 298.000++/person and there will be Gu Zheng live performance.
All prices are subjected to 21% of Government tax and Service Charge

COLLAGE Pullman Jakarta Central Park Hotel 
Podomoro City
Jl. Let. Jend S Parman Kav 28
Jakarta Barat , Indonesia
Tel: (+62 21)29200088

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  1. Heee, nice photos!

    PS: You are as fast as lightning! Only needed a few hours...hehe

  2. ellyna: thanks! I bet your photos are also nice :)
    PS: Got sugar high from the dessert, hahaha...

  3. Great Field Report
    really nice

    Actually I was there too last night
    sitting on the next two tables from yours

    after the yee shang toss and buffet galore
    I neded up my stomach with their apple crumble with choco sauce, almond, and raisins
    it was heaven

    did you try them too?

  4. sapphire: Next two tables from me? Are you from the media? If I'm not mistaken there were only 3 tables - 2 for media and 1 for bloggers. I wasn't able to try most of the desserts coz' my tummy got so full with the Yee Shang, hehehe...

    1. yes I was from media
      I was the one who helping take a picture from one of the lady in red
      I forgot to ask her name tho :)

    2. sapphire: Ooohhh... now I remember you!!! Hahaha... I was the one together with Ellyna who asked your help :D Thanks for taking the picture :)

  5. Hehe, bet everyone did! I think I reached my saturation point last nite...LOL (that actually rarely happens to me)

  6. ellyna: Blame it to the Yee Shang or dessert? ;)

  7. Nothing quite like "loh sang" with good friends to ring in the new Dragon Year. Happy CNY, Selba! :D

  8. kenny: Are you going to have a lot of "Loh Sang"? Happy Chinese "Dragon" Year, Kenny! :)

  9. Hi Selby,

    Thank you for posting it.

    It was lovely to know it was your first time, proud to have presented it to you and fellow bloggers.

    Once again thank you for coming and have a wonderful long week-end.

    Stay and touch and cheers,

    Rita Elisabeth

  10. rita: It's great to able to have my first experience of the Yee Shang tossing in Pullman Hotel. Thank you for inviting me :)

  11. I've already had a couple of loh sang sessions, yes. ;)

    Happy Chor Yat to you! :)

  12. kenny: Happy Birthday, dear Kenny!!! Wow, your birthday is exactly on this CNY :) Whoaaa.. must be so nice to have couple of loh sang sessions. Got a lot of ang pao or b'day presents too? hehehe...


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