Sunday, February 12, 2012

BonChon Chicken

There is a new opened Korean fried chicken fast food franchise in Jakarta called BonChon Chicken.

Chicken Salad - Rp. 36. 818

Personally I actually enjoyed the fried chicken as for the mild crunchiness of the skin, the slight sweet flavorful taste and the tenderness of the chicken, not forget to mention the best part, it's not really greasy. Unfortunately, there's a drawback as this is a fast food place, it takes time to get the dish completely served. When the fried chicken already served and eaten, the drink and even the french fries were not served.

BonChon Chicken Wings ( 4/8/16 pcs.)
BonChon Chicken Tight (3/6/12 pcs.)  
BonChon Chicken Drum Stick (2/4/8 pcs.)
Rp. 25.000/ Rp. 45.909/ Rp. 88.636
For the glazed, it can be chosen either mild or hot sauce flavor.

BonChon Fried (Dory) Fish  (3/6/12 pcs.) 
Rp. 35.909/ Rp. 62.727/ Rp. 99.545

French fries  - Rp. 9.090
It's served in a small cup.

Mochi (Vanilla) Ice Cream  Rp. 10.000
The mochi (pounded sticky rice)  is a bit harder than the ordinary mochi since it's frozen but with the soft ice cream in the middle, it makes me wanting to eat more than just 2 pieces.

All Prices Subject to add 10% Government Tax PB 1

Currency: 1 USD = Rp. 9.000

BonChon Chicken
Grand Indonesia 5th Floor Skybridge
Jl. MH. Thamrin No. 1
Central Jakarta


  1. Thank you! We are happy that you like the chicken. We will work on your input for our improvements!

  2. bonchonindonesia: Glad to be invited to try this new Korean fried chicken. Keep up the good taste! :)


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