Monday, October 29, 2012

"Sarong Inspirations" Cookbook by Chef Will Meyrick

About a week after the Grand Opening of Jakarta Culinary Festival 2012, a few bloggers and I met up with chef Will Meyrick for a great chit chat at the Skye Bar.

SKYE Bar in the evening

It's captivating to learn chef Will Meyrick's deep passion for Asian cuisine. With a Scottish inheritance, married to an Indonesian lass, chef Will Meyrick discovered the uniqueness of Asian cuisine from the street food stalls, in the kitchens of local families and at local markets. His culinary journey began from London to Sydney, then all the way to Southeast Asia countries like Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, before settling down in Indonesia. 
Chef Will Meyrick

We had Skye's cocktails and mocktails.

During this meet up, chef Myerick shared his first cookbook "Sarong Inspirations" - signature dishes and solo travels around Asia. This cookbook was released during the Jakarta Culinary Festival 2012. The official launching was at his Sarong restaurant in Bali last weekend. 

"Sarong Inspirations" available at Sarong and Mama San in Bali. 
Aksara bookstores: Kemang, Plaza Indonesia, Pacific Place and Citos.

In this cookbook, you will find not only 75 simple and delicious traditional recipes from across Southeast Asia by chef Will Meyrick but also his personal twist in pictorial and stories behind each recipe. It's a wonderful and inspiring cookbook!

Inside the "Sarong Inspirations"

Chef Will Meyrick's signing his cookbook.

From left to right: 
Daniel, Natalia, Selby, Chef Will Meyrick, Imel, Dino, Jed.

Menara BCA, 56th Floor
Jl. Jend. Sudirman
Central Jakarta
Tel: 2358 6996

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