Monday, April 15, 2013

Masterclass Epicure Indonesia at Tien Chao Restaurant

Last Saturday, I was invited to join the Masterclass Epicure Indonesia by Chef Ken Choy Chong Hung at Tien Chao Restaurant, Gran Melia Jakarta. This cooking class was held by Epicure Indonesia, a monthly gourmet lifestyle magazine written in English language.

Chef Ken Choy Chong Hung from Malaysia.

The ingredients.

Here are the recipes:

Love the idea of the crispy grated cashew nut to wrap the tender prawn.

Snow White Dancing Prawn
Serving: 1 portion

1 (size 26 - 30) Sea prawn
20 gr Potato flour
50 gr Mayonnaise
15 gr Fresh lemon juice
5 gr Sugar
15 gr Cashew walnut

Marinate prawns with salt and potato flour
Mixed lemon juice, sugar into mayonnaise
Fried cashew walnut until golden brown
Deep fried prawn until crispy and mix with mayonnaise
Topping with cashew nuts.
Ready to serve

A hearty and comforting pumpkin soup. Very smooth!

Braised Pumpkin Soup with Lobster
Serving: 1 portion

200 gr Pumpkin
50 gr Potato
30 gr Tomato paste
30 gr Carrot
20 gr Leek
100 gr Prawn shell
200 gr Chicken bone
10 gr Salt
3 gr Pepper
1 (300 - 400 gr) Lobster

Boil all ingredients for 45 minutes with 1 kg of chicken stocks
Un-shelled lobster after steaming for 7 minutes
Pour soup into soup cup and put sliced lobster meat in
Ready to serve

Main Course
I will definitely try to make this simple but delicious dish. 

Seared Honey Cod Fish with Dragon Fruit in Wasabi Dressing
Serving: 1 portion

80 gr Cod fish
20 gr Honey
20 gr Onion
10 gr Coriander
20 gr Soy sauce
1 piece Dragon fruit
5 gr Wasabi
Lime juice

Mix wasabi, lime juice with diced dragon fruit
Marinate cod fish with honey, soy sauce, onion and coriander for 30 minutes
Pan seared cod fish until cooked and golden brownish
Place cod fish onto serving plate on top of dragon fruit dressing
Ready to serve


Double - Boiled Thai Coconut with Bird Nest
Serving: 1 portion

1 piece Thai Coconut
150 gr Full cream milk
20 gr Egg white
20 gr Sugar
20 gr Bird nest

Soak bird nest and steam for 15 minutes with sugar
Put in cream milk and egg white into coconut water and beat well
Pour into coconut and add in bird nest to steam for 45 minutes
Serve chilled or warm

Serving the double-Boiled Thai coconut with Bird Nest.

It's so good! Sweet, soft and creamy like custard.

I totally had a fun of learning new recipes during this masterclass and also enjoyed to taste all the dishes. Thanks Epicure Indonesia and Gran Melia!

Tien Chao 
Grand Melia Hotel
Jl. H.R. Rasuna Said Kav. X-0
South Jakarta
Tel: 5268080

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