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Tajima Yakiniku, PIK

Tajima Yakiniku located in Pantai Indah Kapuk area is definitely an authentic Yakiniku restaurant. All the meat served in this restaurant was using a rigorous selection by Mr. Tajima Masayuki who is known as "Master of Meat" in Japan. He has more than 30 years experience to determine the best quality of meat. 

Each table has its own air ventilation system to absorb from the cooking marinates and charcoal smoke. 

There are three VIP rooms. 

We started first with appetizer.
Karubi Kuppa - Rp. 52.000
Spicy soup with beef, vegetable and rice.

 Tajima's Croquette - Rp. 15.000
Tajima's special potato croquette.

Cijimi - Rp. 38.000
Japanese pancake  with scallion and carrot, topped with melting cheese.

It is similar to Kimchi but tasted sweeter and less sour.

After the appetizer, we had Nabemono. Nabemono or simply called Nabe, means Japanese hot pot dishes. People in Indonesia mistakenly called Nabe as Shabu-shabu. Actually, Nabe and Shabu-shabu are both hot pot dishes featuring thin slices of meat and vegetables and served with dipping sauces. However, Shabu-shabu is more similar to original Chinese hot pot and Nabe is using Japanese light/strong flavored stock for the soup. 

Beef Set
Couple Rp. 188.000
Family Rp. 358.000

3 choices of soup
Original (clear stock with seaweed), Spicy and Kimuchi (sweet and sour).

Left: Spicy soup. 
Right: Kimuchi soup.

A slice of beef.

Followed with Sukiyaki.
Beef Set
Couple - Rp. 188.000
Family - Rp. 358.000

How to cook Sukiyaki
Step 1: Place the pot on the stove in medium fire for about 30 seconds. Spread the beef fat to the entire surface of the pot.

Step 2: Put 2 slices of spring onion and wait until it turns golden brown.

Step 3: Put 2 slices of meat and wait until it changed color.

Step 4: Remove the beef fat and pour the sukiyaki sauce up to roughly 100 - 200 ml.

Step 5: Put the vegetables into the pot and wait until it's cooked. Leave some space to cook meat.

Step 6: Stir a raw egg.

Step 7: Dip your meat and vegetables into the stir egg to maximize your sukiyaki dining experience.


Then, Yakiniku was served.
Family course - Rp. 599.000
Appetizer, Salad, Namuru, Shio Sauce 3 kinds of meat, Yaki sauce 3 kinds of meat, Desserts, Nikumaki Gohan or Soumen, Soup.

There are three types of premium wagyu beef in Japan, which are Matsuzaka Beef, Oumi Beef and Kobe Beef. Tajima Yakiniku served Matsuzaka and Oumi Beef. Since these two premium beef are brought directly by Mr. Tajima Masayuki from Japan thus the availability is limited and changes of meat selection might happens.

Oumi Beef
Japanese Wagyu - Super Prime Wagyu.

Incredible taste!

Juicy, rich flavor and extraordinary tenderness are the words to describe this premium beef.
Pork Belly - Rp. 48.000

Very fatty but very tasty! :)

3 kinds of meat with Shio (salty) sauce

3 kinds of meat with Yaki (sweet) sauce.

The beef tongue was my favorite one. Soft and chewy texture. Perfectly dipped with the lemon sauce.

The sauces for eating Yakiniku
Yakiniku, Miso with garlic, Japanese soy sauce with wasabi, and lemon

Baked Salmon & Mushroom - Rp. 88.000
Grilled in aluminium foil. 


Nikumaki Gohan
Meat rolled rice.

I believe the rice balls were made from sticky rice.

We were already so full but we just could not resist the delightful dessert.

Mochi Ice Cream - Rp. 30.000

Green tea and Ogura flavors. 
All prices are subjected to tax and service charges
Current currency:
1 USD = Rp.12.225

I was really satisfied with everything at Tajima Yakiniku restaurant. The price might be a bit pricey compared to other Yakiniku restaurants but definitely worth it for the highest quality of meat. I wish there will be more Tajima Yakiniku branches opened in Central of Jakarta or West Jakarta.

Tajima Yakiniku
Rukan Crown Golf Blok D No. 25 - 27, 3rd Floor.
Bukit Golf Mediterania (GBM) - Pantai Indah Kapuk
Tel: 29424980

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