Friday, July 31, 2015

The New Starbucks Sparkling Beverage

Yesterday, Starbucks Indonesia launched a new cold beverage named "Starbucks Sparkling Beverage". This beverage is made-to-order or handcrafted soda with real fruit, using a special machine to make the bubble sparkling water.

There are four varieties of Starbucks Sparkling Beverage: 
* Lemon Ginger Starbucks Sparkling with Mango Jelly (limited edition)
* Starbucks Sparkling Mango Juice (limited edition)
* Starbucks Sparkling Iced Shaken Lemon Tea
* Starbucks Sparkling Iced Shaken Tea

Starbucks Sparkling Beverage price started from Rp. 24.000 (tall size). At the moment, this beverage is only available at 20 stores in Jakarta.

Lemon Ginger Starbucks Sparkling with Mango Jelly.


  1. We no getting this here. Starbucks is quite new in India, Mumbai at least, rolling out new beverages on the menu is rather slow and quite; not happening. :)

    1. laveena: Oh.. I thought Sbux has been in India since a long time ago like in Indonesia.


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