Saturday, November 14, 2015

Tokyo Ramen Tabushi at Fonzu Restaurant

Tabushi Ramen is a humble ramen shop originated from Koenji in Suginami District. The first store is named 'Mendokoro Tabushi Koenji Store' in July 2003. 

In September 2012, Tabushi Ramen opened its first overseas restaurant chain in Jakarta, Indonesia. This is the first Tabushi Ramen in Asia Pacific that serves their authentic signature dishes.

Today, Tabushi Ramen has 3 outlets, located at Wisma Kota BNI 46, Jl. Kartini Raya, and also at Ramen Village AEON Mall.

Tsukemen Ramen - Rp. 68.000
This is dry cold ramen served with dipping sauce according to the customer's choice.  
The sauces are Katsuo, Syouyu and Miso.

Black Tantanmen - Rp. 78.000
This ramen with black broth is one of the best selling ramen at Tokyo Ramen Tabushi.

Akafuji Ramen - Rp. 78.000
The huge favorite spicy ramen among Indonesian customers.
Customers can choose the level of spiciness from hot to extra hot.

Yakigyoza - Rp. 30.000
Chicken gyoza.

Torino Karaage - Rp. 40.000
Chicken Kaarage with mayonnaise dipping and salad.
Current currency:
1 USD = Rp. 13.620

All prices are subjected to government tax and service charge.

Tokyo Ramen Tabushi 
FONZU Restaurant, 
Wisma Kota BNI 46. 
Jl. Jend Sudirman Kav 1. 
Central Jakarta 10220

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