Wednesday, December 26, 2018

Shang Hai Mian Dian Huang, Food Court at Mall Metropolis, Hong Kong

Last week, I had an outing with my colleagues in Hong Kong and Shenzhen, China. On the first day when we arrived in Hong Kong, we had our lunch at a food court in Mall Metropolis which located in Hung Hom area. The choices of food selection was quite good. Besides local food, there were also some franchise fast food chains such as Pepper Lunch and Yoshinoya.

I was not feeling very well and had no appetite at all on that day because of lack of sleep and also the dizzy trip from Victoria Peak. My colleague bought a plate of fried rice at this Shang Hai Mian Dian Huang stall.

Fried Rice in Yangzhou style - HKD 40
My colleague shared her lunch with me. It tasted good because of the lard.

A small bowl of hot soup accompanied the fried rice.
Current currency:
I HKD = Rp. 1.864

Food Court at Metropolis Mall
9 Metropolis Dr, Hung Hom,
Kowloon, Hong Kong

Disclaimer: The review and opinion expressed here are purely according to my personal taste. There's a possibility that the taste of the food might change later on, which could affect the review and opinion here. I also affirm that no monetary or non-monetary compensation has been received from this restaurant for writing this review.

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