Monday, August 12, 2019

Fore Coffee

Fore Coffee is an Indonesian coffee shop, established in 2018. It has already many stores around Jakarta. I have been drinking a lot of Fore Coffee because the store near my place is open 24 hours.

Fore Iced Pandan Latte - Rp. 35.000
The most favorite coffee from Fore.
It's a latte sweetened with Pandan essence.

Fore Hot Cappuccino - Rp. 35.000

 Fore Iced Cappuccino - Rp. 35.000
Iced Cappuccino without foam. Tasted exactly like the coffee latte.

Fore Coffee Latte - Rp. 29.000
Espresso with milk and ice.

Fore Hot Hanami Latte - Rp. 29.000
My favorite latte sweetened with Sakura essence.
It has a very lovely aroma.

1 USD = Rp. 14.250
Fore Coffee
Jl. Tanjung Duren Raya No. 1-H
West Jakarta
Phone: 0877-1055-6549

Disclaimer: The review and opinion expressed here are purely according to my personal taste. There's a possibility that the taste of the food might change later on, which could affect the review and opinion here. I also affirm that no monetary or non-monetary compensation has been received from this restaurant for writing this review.

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