Saturday, October 28, 2006

Kembang Tahu

Kembang = Flower
Tahu = Tofu

Yesterday, a tukang Kembang Tahu was passing in front of my house.
I haven't eaten it for a long time so I decided to buy a bowl.
1 bowl of Kembang Tahu is Rp. 3. 000

Soft tofu with brown sugar & ginger sauce.

Under the hot sun... A bowl of Kembang Tahu


  1. it's Tofu Fah... Fah means 'flower' in Cantonese. In Hokkien it's called Tauhu Hua or Tau Hue. It's one of my favourites beside the soya bean milk.

  2. I’m learning the name of kembang tahu in different dialect :)

    Can you find it at Chinese shops or restaurants in Europe?

    Oh.. I love soya bean milk, used to make it by myself :D


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