Saturday, December 20, 2008

Jajanan Pasar Singkong

Mom bought jajanan pasar singkong from the wet market for breakfast :)

It's wrapped in an old newspapers and banana leaf.

Jajanan = snacks
Pasar = market
Singkong = cassava

The main ingredient of this snack is made from cassava then the topping is steamed grated coconut and salt.

It only cost Rp. 2.000 (less than 20 cents or 1 RM)


  1. WOW! that is SO colorful and pretty - what is it?

  2. pearl: Hehehe.. that's cassava snack from the market which most of them are chewy :D

  3. nice......

    that kelepon we called it
    onde-onde filling is gula melaka.

    I think same like brown sugar....

    other sorry I don't know the name.

  4. so original and natural . our type of petite fantasy

  5. pisang goreng: wow.. so there's also kelepon in malaysia? that's cool! gula melaka sounds cute :)

    backstreetglutons: hehehe... yes and the good thing is it's not too much calories ;)

  6. this my sound weird but I really like the colors...

  7. Wao! For us here in the "States" it looks so fresh and exotic!

    Hi!! Thanks for visiting us! Your blog is so pretty and fresh! I'll post really soon about cauliflower popcorn. If you're really hungry, you can google it! Have a VERY Happy Christmas!!

  8. cassava is what actualy? hehe. but the colorful snacks reminded me of Thai's street snacks though

  9. swinebread: hi there, nice to see you in here :)

    Pssst... I also like the colors.. ;)

    sam's mistress: hello... thank you for dropping by :D
    Wow.. exotic? really?

    Yay.. you are going to post the cauliflower popcorn? That's great! I've been really wondering about it and told my mom, "Do you know that these days popcorn isn't monopolized by corn anymore?" Hehehe...

    Merry Christmas to you too and also the cute bunnies!

    j2kfm: Oops.. forgot to mention since some people are not familiar with the word "cassava".

    Cassava is tapioca :)

    Eh... you are right! Now, I remember that there's thai's dessert looks almost the same as this jajanan pasar singkong :D

  10. Wow, my mother's country also cooks cassava in many forms - sweet, salty, baked, fried, boiled, etc, but never as colorful as this.

  11. olivia: Cassava is also main dish in some parts in Indonesia :)

  12. What food is that? Chinese?Indian?Malya?

  13. mimid3vils: hi mimid3vils, welcome to my blog :)
    Uhmmm... I think this is categorized as malay food but not really sure.

  14. i love ondeh ondeh. especially with gula melaka inside, and not the dessicated coconut with brown sugar.

  15. mistipurple: there's onde onde in singapore? whoaaa... nice! Don't you love it when you put the whole onde in your mouth then you can fill the small yummy explotion of the gula melaka when you bite it? :)

  16. wow! what a nice blog u have!!!
    all these kuih, i feel like trying!!!

  17. Wow! What a colourful combi! So many new vocabs to learn...cassava, timus, kelepon....etc. All new to me! Hehehe!

  18. Cassava originated in South America, so in Guyana they learned how to use it from the native Amerindians. I am not sure how it spread to Africa and Asia, possibly the same way tomatoes, chilis and potatoes did!

  19. Interesting and very colourful too!

  20. ai wei: hello ai wei, thanks for dropping by my humble blog and also the compliment :)

    Have a merry x'mas!

    food for tots: Hehehe.. glad that you can learn new vocab from a food blog :D I'm always got interested to find out on other names of the same food.

    olivia: I learn something! I didn't know that cassava is originated in South America... wow! this is really interesting!

    precious pea: next time when you visit Java, you gotta try it ;)

  21. It looks so delicious. I've never had anything like it before.

  22. pam: this snack is actually really a simple dish which you can find it easily in the traditional market :)

  23. merry christmas and a fantastic new year 2009 to you and your mom and family, selby!
    wish you all good things to come and happiness in the new year!

  24. mistipurple: Merry X'mas & Happy N'year, Misti :)
    Wishing you and your family a joyful holidays and a prosperous new year *hugs*

  25. I love beautiful breakfasts like this wrapped in banana leaves. bet it tastes yummy. Happy Holidays! ^o^

  26. noobcook: It's sweet, salty and chewy, hehehe..
    Happy holidays to you and your family! :)

  27. oh wow... sometimes i missed such kuehs... not forgetting banana leaf. I do feel without banana leaves, the kuehs don't have that extra 'kick'. Not only that, once I had to wait 2 weeks for Daun Pandan to arrive from Thailand via Paris! Worst I can't even plant the left over branches ( i had to buy at least 300 g- 500 g..geeeeeshhh) because they cut of the roots!

    And... I simply crazy with Lapis Legit aka Spekkoek! In Belgium, it's quite difficult to find except in certain Indonesian restos and I'm lazy to make it :-D so, now I know when I miss certain dessert, I can always wear a bib and sit in front of my laptop, gawking at your posts LOL... Cheers!

  28. pixen: hello pixen, welcome to my humble food blog :)

    Wow.. you ordered daun pandan from thailand via paris? the daun pandan must be really had fun traveling! Hahaha... It must cost you a lot. My mom plant daun pandan in our roof garden :) I'm wondering what is "daun pandan" and "daun suji" in english, do you know?

    You love Spekkoek? yummy!!! Usually during chinese new year, some people will order it from my mom. Yup.. my mom sells cookies and cakes. Most of her recipes are originally from Holland and Germany ;)

  29. Daun Pandan aka Pandanus Amaryllifolius or Pandan Wangi. In English it's called Screwpine leaves ( I have this back at home on the terrace.)This species is fragrant and used in desserts, puddings, etc and as colouring as well but not as vivid green as Daun Suji.

    The indian community used 'Kewra' an extract from the male flower of Pandanus if I'm not mistaken for their drinks and desserts:-)

    Daun Suji aka Pleomele angustifolia (Medik.) N.E. Br. ~ Pandan Serani or Cat's Claw and mainly used for it's darker and intense Green color than Pandan Wangi.

    Both of this species looked a bit different though. Daun suji's leaves are shorter, wider, flatter and the way the leaves sprouting from centre outwards. Green color is more vivid and it's used mostly as decoration plant.

    Daun Pandan Wangi has more pronounced leaf shape and had this deeper 'V' in the leaf centre. Leaves grown alternately overlapped each other. More fragrant than Daun Suji.

    I hope that helps :-D

  30. pixen: Thank you so much for the explanation of daun pandan and daun suji, it's really informative!

    What a cute english name for daun suji - cat's claw... :)

  31. Wrapped in a newspaper
    and banana leaf
    Arrived my breakfast parcel,
    a cassava treat!

    Its colours,
    so vibrant and appealing to see
    I eat to my heart's content,
    savouring every morsel
    of my cassava treat!

  32. laveena: *claps* You are really good in writting poems :)

  33. Nice food review you had here... it is a good guide if I happened to go to Indonesia... *wink*

  34. bits of taste n life: I'll be happy to bring you around to try food in Jakarta if you visit me ;)

  35. This was my kind of breakfast. Yummy

  36. indonesia-eats: Hehehe... which one is your favourite?
    I like kelepon :)

  37. How Brownie's are you


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