Saturday, December 13, 2008

Manado Food

Yesteday, I went together with colleagues to a restaurant that serves Manado food for lunch but then at the end, I decided only to have dessert.

Manado food is seriously very hot and spicy! If you have a sensitve stomach, I don't recommend you to eat Manado food. FYI, most of Manado restaurants are serving dog and bat meat.

My colleagues had sour hot fish, chicken turmeric with potatoes, papaya’s flower, corn pancakes and 2 kind of chilies.

See... even for the dessert, the fried banana is eaten with anchovy chili.
pisang goreng
The red bean with durian ice mixed together with chocolate condence milk is so unbelievable yummy :)
p.s: my digicam is broken and still at the service centre, thus I used my old SE handphone to take pictures :(


  1. Manado? 1st time hearing it.

    how can desserts be served with chilli?!!!

    fortunately the durian ice is saved from the fiery addition.

  2. J2Kfm: Manado is the capital city of North Sulawesi. Manado is not only known for the hot spicy food but also for the beautiful girls and handsome guys ;)

    If you like diving, the very famous place is Bunaken for diving in Manado.

  3. Wah the word beautiful girls sound attractive. Next time when I go Jakarta, must ask my colleague bring me there to look see look see. :D

  4. email2me: Oh.. the beautiful girls and handsome guys are not in the Manado restaurants but you need to visit the Manado city... fly for more than 2 hours from Jakarta ;)

  5. Oh my goodness! I am scared of durian anything, but I would try spicy desserts, since I sometimes add a dash of chili to my French toast and maple syrup - but only a dash, which is probably not enough for any Sulawesian!

    And because of the spicy food, there is probably no incidence of stomach cancer on the island!

  6. olivia: You don't like durian? Must be because of the smell :D I love durian! It takes awhile to get used to the smell. So exotic! LOL

    Bloody mary is also "funny", a drink with tabasco, kekeke...

  7. bat meat??? i've heard of dog meat, but not bat...have you ever tried it? and what did it taste like if you did?

    funnily enough, the word verification i had to type to leave my comment is "pephot"

  8. mothermayi: Yes, I ate bat meat once :) It tasted kinda like lamb and also strong smell but of course a different smell which I'm not so sure how to describe it, hehehe...

    pephot? what's that?

  9. dog meat?
    did you taste it?
    don't tell me you ate it.........

    and those es kacang durian
    we indeed have in Malaysia
    it locate in Mallacca in
    TAN KIM HOCK , it's the name of the product.

    Oh yeah forgot to introduce myself
    I'm Pisang Goreng
    yeah I know......

  10. i love spicy foods, but i'm not even sure if i can handle that spice :)

    btw have you ever had dog or bat meat?

  11. pisang goreng: Welcome to my blog, pisang goreng :)

    I bet that pisang goreng is your favourite snack! but I don't think that you eat it with chili sauce, hehehe

    Nope.. I don't eat dog meat! Not just because that dog is man's best friend but I really think it's so cruel to eat dog especially I have read on the newspaper how the manado people kill the dogs. They put it in a sack then beat it until die :(

    Pearl: No, I had not eat dog meat and will never ever try it. I don't dare and feeling so sorry to those dogs that are killed to become food.

    But, yes, I had bat before :D Just to try how it tasted. At the end, I don't really like it because of the strong smell.

    Have you ever tried any exotic food?

  12. wow, fried bananas with chilli? that got me all fired up :). in my hometown, we eat fried bananas with birds eye chilli soaked in soy sugar concoction. delicious too!

  13. sc: birds eye chilli soaked in soy sugar concoction? Birds eye? as real bird eyes? Wow.. first time to hear it. I wonder how it looks like and tasted.

  14. So interesting to read about different countries and their food ~ I couldn't handle anything that spicy, but it is good to learn about other cultures and their ways of life. Your photos turned out well!

  15. pisang goreng with sambal? that's sweet, spicy and crunchy! very interesting!

    hmmm, will sure take note of that the next time i chomp down a pisang goreng here! ;)

  16. Aww....I lost my appetite after you told they serve dog and bat meat...yakkkkk....

  17. glo: yes, I also find it interesting to know about other food from other countries and would like to try it :)

    Just came back from picking up my digicam. I'm so glad that I can use my digicam again to snaps food, hehehe...

    nic: Beside sweet, spicy and crunchy, don't forget the fishy smell because of the anchovy! LOL

    You gotta try the manado fried banana, it's just... different! ;P

    little inbox: Hahaha.. I know! The menu of the meat is disgusting, isn't it?

  18. The food does sound amazing and I'm willing to try everything once. ;-) Even desserts with chilli. :-)

  19. lyrical lemongrass: Wow! That's cool! I believe you like to explore food very much :D

  20. Hot & spicy food Manado food?
    Sounds good as i love hot & spicy stuff..

    But dog meat?????????

  21. chen: Be careful, it's really really really hot! Like "fire" in your mouth :D

    Yeah.. poor doggies....

  22. It is new to me. Is it legal to serve dog and bat meat in Indonesia? Dun think I will have the courage to try these meat. Eeeeeee.....!

  23. food for tots: Unfortunately, it is legal for restaurants to serve dog and bat meat... arrghh.. poor doggies :(

  24. Dessert served with chili ? Weird~~~

  25. mimid3vils: LOL
    I remember the first time I found out this dessert, my impression was the same like you, weird... but believe me, it's yummy.


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