Monday, April 25, 2011

Tukang Nasi Bebek (Duck Rice man)

If you like to eat fried duck and rice, you can give a try this "Nasi Bebek" (Duck Rice) on the street. It's a simple dish but delicious.

Left pic: Fried Duck
Right pic: Serundeng (fried grated coconut with tumeric)

Chilli sauce and slices of cucumber

White rice


  1. I've never seen Tukang Nasi Bebek in Jakarta, maybe because I didn't pay attention and mostly focused more on the Tukang Siomai and Tukang Mie Ayam, hehehe ;).

  2. CG: Well, actually it's not that easy to find Tukang Nasi Bebek in Jakarta. So far, I've only encountered 2 vendors. One in Jalan Sabang and the other one in Kelapa Gading :)

  3. Hope this is not a soon-disappearing sight - hope to catch a Tukang Nasi Bebek when I return to Jakarta one day! :)

  4. LFB: Yeah... I hope so too. It will be sad if those vendors can't survive with all those restaurants that are so booming these days.

  5. linda: It's located in Boulevard Bukit Gading Raya, Kelapa Gading.


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