Friday, April 1, 2011

Pasta De Waraku (Food Tasting Panel)

After the Mr. Curry's Food Tasting Panel, I had another chance for a food tasting panel together with other food bloggers at Pasta De Waraku last Wednesday.

This is not my first time to eat in this restaurant and again as my previous visit of Pasta De Waraku, I still put my thumbs up for their pasta and desserts :)

My favorites during this food tasting panel are
Drink: Macha shake
Appetizer: Hotate Butter, Waraku Salad
Pasta: Salmon & Salmon Roe
Dessert: Hanito Earthquake

Cream soda - Rp. 20.000
Green Tea (hot/cold) - Rp. 10.000

Mix Fruit - Rp. 20.000
Macha shake - Rp. 20.000

Appetizers from Bonito Base:

Salmon Cheese - Rp. 33.000
Salmon with cheese stuffing

Tokyo Twister (Crispy rolls):

Egg Unagi - Rp. 30.000 (50% off at this moment)

Hotate Mentai Mayo Geratin - Rp. 48.000
Scallops with mayonnaise & spicy cod roe

Tofu Mentai Cheese Geratin - Rp. 38.000

Japanese Original Sauce

Minchi Katsu - Rp. 33.000
Fried Breaded Minced Beef

Hotate Butter - Rp. 48.000
Scallops with butter

Takoyaki Cheese - Rp. 38.000
Grilled Japanese Octopus balls with cheese topping

Waraku Salad - Rp. 28.000
Tuna, egg, potato, and wafu dressing

Yakisoba on Pizza - Rp. 58.000 (Regular size)

Salmon & Mushrooms - Rp. 68.000 (Regular size)

Japanese Crabs - Rp. 68.000 (Regular size)

You can upsize your pasta by adding Rp. 12.000

Salmon & Salmon Roe - Rp. 68.000
with wafu sauce

Kimchi Al'aglio Olio - Rp. 58.000
with minced beef and chili

Oyster & Beef Bacon Carbonara - Rp. 68.000
topped with yolk and carbonara bacon

Squid Carbonara - Rp. 68.000
with carbonara sauce

Salmon & Spinach - Rp. 68.000
with wafu cream sauce

Seafood ( Scallop, prawn, squid) - Rp. 68.000
with black ink sauce

Japanese style soup pasta:
Seafood - Rp. 68.000
Crabmeat, salmon with Japanese style sauce

Angus Steak - Rp. 88.000

Japanese style set menu, complete with rice, corn soup and salad

Chicken Kani Cream Croquette Set - Rp. 88.000
Chicken Teriyaki and Crab croquette

Fruits Parfait - Rp. 28.000
Vanilla ice cream with fresh fruits

Shibuya Original Honey Toast

Hanito Mix Fruit - Rp. 35.000

Hanito Macha Red Bean - Rp. 35.000

Hanito Earthquake - Rp. 45.000
Double stack of Honey toast filled with fresh food and topped with vanilla ice cream

Prices are subjected to 5% service charge and 10% government tax
Currency: 1 USD = Rp. 8.700

Pasta De Waraku
Grand Indonesia Mall Level 3A
Jl. MH. Thamrin No. 1
Jakarta Pusat

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  1. I'm salivating! Everything looks so delicious and nicely set out. Tell me about the Tomato light fixtures.

  2. I will definitely visit this place when I am in Jakarta this summer...! I can't wait :D)!!!

  3. glo: The tomato light fixtures are really attractive, don't you think? ;) Beside the tomato light fixtures, the food display is also very attractive. I really like the idea of creativeness of the decoration in this restaurant.

    CG: You are coming home this summer? Yay!!! :D

  4. May I attend one of your food tasting panels, Selba:) Everything looks so yummy. Love the fixtures and that Hanito Earthquake, oh goodness!!!

  5. louise: It would be lovely if you also can join the food tasting panel, Louise :) The Hanito Earthequake tasted heavenly!


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