Sunday, May 29, 2011

D'Cost Seafood Restaurant

A few weeks ago, my work place celebrated Easter and invited all the staff to have lunch at D'Cost Seafood Restaurant. It's my first time to eat in this restaurant.

I've heard a lot about D'Cost Seafood restaurant. One of the reason is that the food isn't expensive at all compared to other seafood restaurants. So far, they have opened more than 15 restaurants. Not only in Jakarta but also in the other big cities in Indonesia.

With the orange color dominated the restaurant, it gives a warm ambiance. It accommodated more than 300 seats. The service is actually quite good; waiters are nice and friendly. But as for the food, too bad, there's nothing to shout about. I feel that most of the food tasted too hot and spicy or just purely blunt. It's so mediocre but then, I guess we also can not expect too much with their range of price.

Hot Tea - Rp. 100 per person (refill)

White Rice - Rp. 1.000 per person

Fried Rice - Rp. 8.000

Sayur Asem (Sweet sour veggie soup) - Rp. 4.000

Terong Bakar (Grilled Eggplant) - Rp. 4.000

Cumi Goreng Tepung
(Fried squid in batter) - Rp. 19.000

Udang saus Padang
(Prawns with Padang sauce) - Rp. 29.000
Tumis Buncis ala Singapore
(Singaporean style of Green Beans saute) - Rp. 12.000

Sapi Lada Hitam (Black Pepper Beef) - Rp. 29.000
Udang Pance bakar saus Padang
(Grilled Prawn with Padang Sauce) - Rp. 29.000

Kepiting saus Padang
(Crab with Padang sauce) - Rp. 39.000
Kepiting Soka Kremes
(Crabs with kremes) - Rp. 29.000

Ikan Gurame Bakar (Grilled Carp Fish) - Rp. 29.000
Ikan Patin Bakar (Grilled Silvercat Fish) - Rp. 29.000
Ikan Gurame Fillet Saus Mangga
(Crap Fish with Mango sauce) - Rp. 19.000

Ayam Fillet Cabe Kering
(Chicken with dried chili) - Rp. 19.000

Tempe Goreng (fried soybean cake) - Rp. 4.000
Cumi saus Padang (squid with Padang sauce) - Rp. 19.000
Tahu Kipas (Fried filling tofu) - Rp. 19.000
Cumi Goreng Tepung - Rp. 19.000
Currency: 1 USD = Rp. 8.500

D'Cost Seafood Restaurant
Jl. Puri Lingkar Luar Barat 108
(Gedung Electronic City) Puri Indah
Jakarta Barat
Telp : (021) 583 01988

Opening hours:
11.00 - 14.30 (last order)
closed: 15.00
18.00 - 21.30 (last order)
closed: 22.00
Weekends/ holidays
11.00 - 21.30 (last order)
closed: 22.00

Disclaimer:The review and opinion expressed here are purely according to my personal taste. There's a possibility that the taste of the food might change later on, which could affect the review and opinion here. I also affirm that no monetary or non-monetary compensation has been received from this restaurant for writing this review.


  1. I love D'Cost!!!! Their Sayur Asem is really good...

  2. meinekueche: Whoaaa.. you really love D'Cost? :)

  3. What a banquet and bonanza of seafood! :D

  4. LFB: Yeah... a lot of choices because all of us were more than 30 people :)

  5. Oh my, that's one big container of white rice! the choices look delicious. some of them reminds me of my stint in Indonesia. like tempe, sayur asem and the gurame. i must go get my fix of nasi padang soon!

  6. hairyberry: Too bad that the taste isn't as good as it looks *sigh* Yuuummm... nasi padang!!! :)

  7. WOW, these menus' are quite a bargain. Of course, we shouldn't expect much. But, I know this seafood place, hawker style in PIK Fresh Market, cheap, but good taste. Gotta give it a try =)

  8. ruby: Yup, it actually totally a good bargain especially with a bit of tight budget but still want to eat seafood together with a lot of people ;)

  9. ruby: Oh btw, I would love to try the hawker style in PIK fresh market, can you give more the details, please? :)


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