Thursday, May 19, 2011

Tukang Keripik (Chips man) - part 2

Eating chips can be so addictive and luckily, there are hundreds varieties of chips in Indonesia :)

A street vendor who sells chips on a cart by walking around my neighborhood.
here are 5 kind of chips.
Kue tambang (fried & twisted sweet dough), salty banana (fried banana in long thin slices), sweet banana (fried banana in short thin slices).

Fried salty talas (Talas is similar to taro - a tropical Asian plant), I'm not so sure for the name of the chip in the middle, it's like fried salty wantan skin.

I asked the vendor for a mix of each chips inside in the plastic bag. My favorite is the sweet fried banana :)

250 grams = Rp. 8.000 (USD 1)


  1. It's a good thing one is allowed to mix the chips and crisps. I can't imagine having to choose only ONE type for a snack - they all look so delicious! :D

  2. LFB: Yes, the best part of buying chips directly to food vendor, we can ask for a mix ;)

  3. PFx: Keripik di NZ pasti engga ada keripik2 seenak di Indo khan? ;)

  4. hey why aren't there any Kripik street vendor like that in my area? aku baru liat itu ada tukang kripik keliling, aah asik bgt kalo ada di kompleks ku niih..


  5. tigerlily: hi Yuri, thanks for dropping by :) Well, actually it's kinda hard to find this Kripik vendor on the street. Jarang2 deh bisa nemuin! Pdhal enak banget lho... hehehehe


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