Friday, April 27, 2012

Momi & Toy's

Today, Momi & Toy's has its soft-opening at Plaza Senayan. It is the first outlet in Southeast Asia. So far,  there are already 80 outlets in Japan, 3 outlets in Shanghai and 6 outlets in Taipei. 

The crepes in Momi & Toy's are known as Torokeru crepes and freshly made. By the way, Torokeru in Japanese means creamy with superb melting texture while eating it.

Kuromitsu Kinako Cream with Ice cream - Rp. 39.000
The crepe is good, soft and flimsy but I'm not a fan of whipped cream, so actually the ice cream  and the drizzle of the syrup are already sufficient for me.

Cheese Egg Rice Roll - Rp. 34.000
A unique type of  soft crepe filled with rice, boiled egg with chili sauce.

Mix Berry Frutte - Rp. 24.000
Tea with berry flavor syrup at the bottom.

M & T Crêperie 
presented by Momi & Toy's
Plaza Senayan Level 3 Unit 320 C (4)


  1. Sweet or not? Me no likey too sweet! haha

  2. cumi & ciki: Not too sweet actually, but too much whipped cream.

  3. Ini nih yang pengen gue coba sel ;) tapi crepes filled with rice? hmm enak sel? apa ga aneh ya?

  4. lolo: Saat gue cobain crepes filled with rice sih menurut gue rasanya seperti panekuk diisi sama nasi plus telor rebus pake saus sambal, nothing special tapi denger2 itu menjadi "hit" waktu food tasting para food bloggers sebelum gue datang.


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