Monday, April 16, 2012

Seafood Kalimati - 94 Mulyono

It's been such a long for me to eat seafood on the street. I can't describe how happy I was to have the feeling of eating on the street again 2 week ago :)

This place is always crowded and the customers have to share their table with others.

The men are preparing and cooking the food inside the tent where the customers are also sitting. Although this is not a fast food place but they serve the food very fast. 

Boiled Shellfish - Rp. 8.000
It's very good especially when dipped into the nice homemade sweet chili sauce, so fragrant with the strong garlic aroma. 

Fried batter Squid - Rp. 22.000
The deep fried squid pieces were tender and nicely tasty coated in a light crispy batter.

Saute Morning Glory- Rp. 7.000
It's tasty and spicy. 

Butter Prawn with sweet soy sauce- Rp. 23.000
The sauce of the butter Prawn was so good.

Actually, my colleagues and I wanted to order some crabs but our stomach were already so full. Next time, we will come again for the crabs! We were so satisfied. Well, nothing can beat the delicious seafood and cheap price ;)

Currency rate:
1 USD = Rp. 9.100

Seafood Kalimati - 94 Mulyono
Jl. Hidup Baru (Kalimati) Pademangan
Jakarta Utara

Disclaimer:The review and opinion expressed here are purely according to my personal taste. There's a possibility that the taste of the food might change later on, which could affect the review and opinion here. I also affirm that no monetary or non-monetary compensation has been received from this restaurant for writing this review.


  1. gw juga suka banget banget seafood pinggiran *ngiler setengah modar*

  2. irene: Hahaha.. emang enak sih! Nanti yah kalo balik Indo, kita makan bareng seafood di pinggir jalan ;)

  3. duuh lagi kepengen makan seafood #ngiler

  4. anakjajan: Kalo gitu, ini saatnya utk makan Seafood Kalimati Mulyono! ;)

  5. gw nyari info buat jelasin ke temen di daerah tentang nih seafood yang kemarin baru makan, cari di google ada yang nulis :D
    pas banget dah :D

  6. saint: syukurlah kalo post tentang seafood Kalimati ini bisa berguna :)


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