Friday, August 3, 2012

Marutama Ramen Plaza Sentral Senayan

I just came back from a food tasting invitation at Marutama Ra-Men, located at the basement of Plaza Sentral Senayan building. 

Marutama Ra-Men is serving authentic Ramen (Japanese homemade noodle) with Toripaitan (chicken broth) as the soup base. The owner is Tetsuya Kudo-san who opened his first Marutama Ra-men shop in year 2001. The Marutama logo is a basketball-esque which represented the love of Tetsuya Kudo-san to his wife who was a professional basket player in Japan. So far, Marutama Ra-men has expanded the restaurant business in 6 countries - Japan, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand and Hong Kong. Marutama Ra-Men in Indonesia is under Gading Food Group that also owned Fish & Co, Cosi, Sticky, Grillbox and Motto Motto.

Dining area
A nice simple Japanese wood decor with about 50 seater in the dining area and 20 seater in the private rooms.

Open Kitchen

Side dishes:
Tori Karage (deep fried chicken) - Rp. 28.000
Gyoza (dumpling)  - Rp. 30.000
Dashimaki (rolling omelette) - Rp. 39.000
(Note: the serving in the picture below is for food tasting purposed - not the actual portion)

Marutama Ra-men - Rp. 52.000
Chicken soup ramen with toppings: Tamago - half boiled seasoned egg, Char Siu - chicken slices, Aosa Nori - seaweed and Negi - scallion.
Delicious Ramen! Love the thin, smooth and tenderness noodles with rich and tasty chicken broth. I finished my bowl of ramen very fast :) Wish to have another bowl but unfortunately, I needed to leave some space in my tummy for the other dishes that need to be tasted.

 The half boiled seasoned egg 

Marutama Nabe (Hot Pot)
Soup & Cabbage - Rp. 35.000
Chicken & Seafood Set - Rp. 140.000
Savory thick chicken broth, cabbage and  daikon (Japanese white radish)

Zosui - Rp. 18.000
made from the leftover Nabe soup, rice and scallion

Dorayaki Ice cream - Rp. 28.000
choice of topping: Black Pepper/ Edamame/ Ogura

All prices subjected to 10% tax and service charge
Current currency: 1 USD = Rp. 9.500

Marutama Ra-men
Sentral SEnayan 1 Building Office Tower
Basement Floor #10 BC
Jl. Asia Afrika No. 8, Senayan
Jakarta Pusat
Tel: 572 4050


  1. i love love love the nabe! the broth is heavenly delicious :) I just linked your blog to mine hehe

    1. aris: I couldn't agree more that the broth is heavenly delicious! Thanks for linking my blog :)


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