Saturday, September 29, 2012

SunnyHills Pineapple Cake

Finally, after waiting for quite some time, my package from SunnyHills arrived.

SunnyHills - popularly known also as Feng Li Su (鳳梨酥) is a specialty bakery, offering authentic pineapple cakes that are traditionally sourced,made, and baked in Taiwan. It has nearly 50 years of bake-house experience but established with the name of SunnyHills in year 2008.

All the ingredients being used are the finest chosen ones without additives or preservatives. The pineapples are sun-ripened which organically grown in Taiwan and took 18 months to reach its full flavor. Each pineapple only can be used to make six to seven pineapple cakes. The other finest ingredients are natural New  Zealand  butter,  Japanese gourmet flour, and  the  healthiest  red plump‐yolked  eggs  from local  farm. 

This box consists of 10 pineapple cakes - SGD 25
Available also in boxes of 15 and 20 pieces, at SGD 37.5 and SGD 50
I really like the bag and box design. The moon and  the rabbit are cute. I think SunnyHills pineapple cakes will become a nice gift for family and friends, even  for Muslim friends since it certified halal. 

For the serving size, one serving of this SunnyHills pineapple cakes is actually enough despite how delicious it tastes. The filling of the pineapple paste is very good, not too sweet and combined with a nice tangy taste. The buttery crust is rich and smooth. 

SunnyHills pineapple  cakes  are  air‐flown  from Taiwan to  Singapore.

Current currency: 
1 SGD = Rp. 7.500
1 SGD = USD 0.81 
SunnyHills store
Raffles Hotel Arcade
328 North Bridge Road#03-05 (next to Raffles Hotel Museum)
Singapore 188719
Opening Hours: 11am to 8pm (Tue – Sat), 11am to 6pm (Sun – Mon),

Orders can be made via:
Tel: (65) 8522 9605
Ordering time:9:00am to 5:00pm

Specials Free delivery for orders of S$100 and above (standard delivery fee: S$8).
10% off on orders of S$200 and above (standard delivery fee: S$8)
Media Special: All orders of S$100 and above enjoy free delivery, and a complimentary 10‐piece  box (worth S$25).


  1. I also love food and I'm starting my new Blog, please link me, thanks!

  2. WOW! I love these kinds of pineapple cakes!!!

  3. I friend of mine just brought me a box of the delicious Sunny Hills Pineapple cakes from Tiawan -WOW! Great with tea. I just emailed SH to get current prices delivered to USA -hopefully free shipping will apply over 100SGD. You have nice site.


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