Friday, April 5, 2013

Street Food Hunting with Steven Goh

Steven Goh, a Malaysian blogger who writes about Penang's food, travel and lifestyle was in Jakarta for a business trip. I met him and his colleague on their first night in Jakarta. 

Steven was quite eagerly to try some the street food. So, I brought them around my neighborhood.

We began with Pisang Goreng Kalimantan (Borneo Fried Banana) from Pontianak.

The frying.

They deep fried the banana twice. To add the crunchiness?

Pisang Kepok is the type of banana.

Sweet, fragrant and soft... Definitely crunchy on the outside :)

Then, we moved to the next stall.

Sate Padang, originally from Padang, West Sumatra.

You can choose the part of beef you want: meat, tongue, intestine, liver. 


Rice cake (Ketupat).

The sauce is made from a lot of spices (turmeric, curry powder, coriander, cumin, galangal, garlic, chili, salt, pepper then mixed with rice flour)

Fried shallots on the top.

Spicy potato chips and fried beef rind known as Dorokdok.

If you like you can ask to add the spicy potato chips on the Sate Padang

And of course, they will add more sauce on it. 
Yummm.... I could only drool since I can't eat spicy food anymore

After Steven finished eating the Sate Padang with full of sweat all over his face because the spiciness of the Sate Padang sauce, we found a cart of another type of satay.

Sate Ayam & Sate Kambing (Chicken & Mutton Satays) from Madura, an island beside East Java.

The old school's way to grill satay on charcoal, using "hand fan" to keep the flame burning.

After the satays were grilled.

Peanut sauce mixed with sweet soy sauce.

Always... my favorite type of satay.

On the top, fried shallots added the deliciousness of these chicken satays.

Look how Steven and James were capturing a plate of Sate Ayam. I think the Sate Ayam vendor was pretty flattered to see how these two guys got so passionate capturing his food  :)

After the meaty food, now it's time for something sweet.

"Sinar Bulan" Martabak Manis Special

Indonesian version of thick pancake. This famous martabak manis is well-known in Bangka, a small island in east Sumatra.

Making the batter and also the martabak.

Big size and medium size.

We ordered for the special Martabak which means pure butter (Wijsman brand) with shredded cheese, chocolate sprinkles, ground peanuts and sesame seeds.

So rich, buttery, sweet, salty... One word to describe it... Delicious!!!

After all the food, we needed something to drink. Coincidentally, on the way back, we saw a new Taiwanese franchised tea store.

Shiny Tea

Thus, we ended up our street food hunting journey with milk teas :)

Boba Milk Tea and White Pearl Milk Tea.

 It was a fun night! Nice meeting you in person, Steven and James!


  1. Hmm.. So little food they took only? LOL~

  2. Wow, such a grand tour. Which one was their favorite? :-)

    1. albert: I'm not so sure, hehehe.. But something for sure that Steven prefers Sate Ayam Madura to Sate Padang :)

  3. Seems like it was a great night!

  4. Always like to see street food being featured on your blog. Please do this more often. You are the only blogger I know that do this the best :-)

    1. liana: That such a big compliment for me, thank you :)

  5. Always like to see street food being featured on your blog. Please do this more often. You are the only blogger I know that do this the best :-)


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