Sunday, May 26, 2013

19th Avenue Kitchen & Bar

Some food bloggers and I were invited to a food tasting at 19th Avenue Kitchen & Bar. This restaurant just had the grand opening last March.

the Bar.

Before the food tasting started, the management told us that we only could order either the pasta or Asian menu. And, the price of the ordered food should not be above Rp. 69.000.

The Food:

19th Avenue Sauce - Rp. 39.000
The sauce was very cloying, salty and also sour.

Pesto - Rp. 48.000
I think I made the best choice on that night. My order, the pesto was delicious although it tasted more like fusion pesto.

Gindara Teriyaki - Rp. 49.000
The Gindara fish was pretty good. 

Cheese Burger - Rp. 48.000
When the burger was served on the table, everyone was like "wow",  it looks so yummy! But what a big disappointment, the burger was under seasoned.

Creamy Carbonara - Rp. 48.000
Too creamy and the salmon was a bit smelly. 

Ravioli Scoglio - Rp. 47.000
According from what I heard, this dish was the most disappointing dish on that night because the shellfish was not fresh and the ravioli was overcooked, totally mushy.

The Drink:

Blue Yakult - Rp. 28.000
I was expecting a refreshing sweet sour drink rather than this plain sweet and creamy drink. 
Current currency:
1 USD = Rp. 9.775
All prices are subjected to government tax and service charge.

One of the bloggers ordered  Going Nuts Smoothies - Rp. 28.000 (no picture). For me, I think  it tasted really good but unbelievably, there were pieces of plastic bag inside the drink. Two bloggers who drank this smoothies almost swallowed them.

It's actually pretty sad, a good concept of restaurant but they only focus on the decor and ambience of the restaurant, instead of the taste. The worst part was the carelessness in preparing the drink.

19 th Avenue Kitchen & Bar 
Greenville blok AV no 19
West Jakarta
Tel: 29401119
Opening hours: 11 am - 2 am


  1. have to agree with you cik selba.
    been there thrice yet for the third time i decided just to order beers since from my past experiences the foods and the drinks were disappointments.

    and the straw incident was like.... what the hell they were thinking??

    1. cend woo: You still go there although already experience a couple of disappointments? Hahaha... The place is nice for hanging out. And yes, ordering beer or soda will be a safe choice to avoid disappointment.

  2. Dear selby, I just found your picture ini here lengkap dengan watermarknya. ga tau yang masukin ini minta ijin dulu atau ga. just info aja...

    1. melissa octoviani: Hi Melissa, thanks for letting me know about it. Btw, I just checked it and didn't see any pictures, no idea whether it's because I'm using a computer at a school in the USA where many things on the internet are blocked by the school system.


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