Sunday, August 18, 2013

Staying at India House Hostel in New Orleans

I stayed at India House Hostel during my trip in New Orleans. It's my first experience to stay in a hostel. I would say that it's not bad and scary like what I thought, in fact, I liked staying at this hostel and maybe someday I will try again to stay in a hostel. 

There is no curfew or lock-out period in this hostel. The kitchen, common rooms and all facilities including free WiFi are available 24 hours a day. Local pubs, restaurants and supermarkets are reachable within walking distance and it's only 7 minutes from the French Quarter by car. 

The chubby cute hostel cat is sleeping on the porch. 

The lobby.

India House hostel  has an affordable price for backpackers. It's only USD 20 per night per person for the 8 - 12 people per room.

Communal bathrooms and toilets.

 The open air kitchen. 

Breakfast is available from 9 am to 1 pm. 
Besides toast, bacon, hash-brown, cereal, milk and orange juice, there are also:

Scrambled eggs with basil.



India House Hostel
124 S Lopez St.
New Orleans, LA 70119
Tel: (504) 821-1904


  1. I've always been leary of hostels, Selba. Looks like you chose just the right one! I hope you get to stay at one again. (here in the Us of course, lol...

    Thank you so much for sharing...

    1. louise: Yes, I'm glad that I stayed at India House Hostel which changed my impression of hostels :)


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