Sunday, August 11, 2013

Visiting New Orleans, Louisiana

Last July, I was in New Orleans for two days and one night. I visited the famous Bourbon street and also French Market. It's an interesting unique city with many historic and multicultural heritage (French and Spanish influences mostly, and also from Africa). 

I spent a lot of my time in the French Quarter for window shopping.

It's not New Orleans if there's no parades on the streets ;)

Jackson Square 
a historic park in the French Quarter of New Orleans.

French Market
is located at 1008 N Peters St. 
Open daily at 9 am - 6 pm is consider as a farmers market and also a flea market.

There is a shop sells Alligator meat, sandwiches, tenderloins and jerky.

Big watermelon.

Fruits, nuts and local soda.

A Chinese man is writing names with customized alphabet (animals/flowers)

The bags look like the Batik bags from Indonesia. Here in Indonesia, it costs USD 3 (three dollars). Guess how much is the price in New Orleans? It's USD 35.

I found out that people in the South really love eating spicy food. 

So many spices!

Organic Banana
I tried the Pina Colada, it's so gooooddd!!!

A man is making animals balloon.

Central Grocery
the old fashioned Italian-American grocery store, it's famous for its sandwich.

Alligator Jerky.
I bought some but I haven't tried it yet :)

Gumbo and Jambalaya spices.

One of the famous Pralines in New Orleans is from Aunt Sally.

Cafe Du Monde
the famous place for Beignet - French Doughnuts.

Pepper Palace
an incredible place for sauces and spices.

It's at 835 Decatour street.

There are a lot of shops selling Mardi Grass beads.  
If you want, just let me know! I got a lot of them ;)

Beautiful masks.

Do you need a Voodo toy? ;P

Music on the street.

The nightlife in New Orleans.

There are so many pubs and bars around the French Quarter. 
Everytime I wanted to enter a bar/pub, I always had to show my ID card/passport because they thought my age is under 21 years old. Woohooo!!! :D


  1. Ha, I was just in New Orleans, too! It was so humid, ugh! (But again, maybe not so bad for you?) Did you try any coffee with chicory? That's famous, apparently!

    1. Cool!!! Yes, it was really hot and also humid there. Need to put a lot of sunscreen! In Jakarta, whenever, it's hot, I always walk under an umbrella to avoid the sun. In New Orleans, I couldn't do it because it definitely would make me look like a weird person, hahahaha.

      Ah... the coffee and chicory, the famous one from Cafe du Monde. Too bad, I didn't get a try of it.


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